Congressional Hispanic Caucus Punks Out in Meet with Janet Napolitano

I had been hoping that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus would take a thick paddle to Janet Napolitano's ever-generous backside when they met with the new DHS head for the first time today. But, alas, some of our congressional leaders are as worthless as a week-old bowl of menudo. If they took anything to their private get-to-know-ya session with our skunk-coifed former Guv, it was a feather to better tickle her tuchis with.

Seems all Nappy had to do was mention that she had "grave concerns" over a Bellingham, Washington ICE raid on a business there for them to get all lovey-dovey with her. As I mentioned in a recent blog post, the Napster's ordered a review of this first such raid during the reign of the Obama administration. No doubt her doing so helped deflect any criticism the CHC may have intended lay on her during the meet.

Still, there's something obscene about the post-coital glow these CHC members were emitting, according to the D.C. daily The Hill, which reported that the Hispanic pols were nearly ecstatic following their gabfest with Nappy.

"The meeting was very, very constructive," enthused Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) to Hill reporter Jared Allen. "We're happy...We shared with her our concerns about the raid. She shared with us that she had grave concerns about the manner in which it was carried out and that it's under evaluation."

Jeez, Luis, wasn't there a room free at the D.C. Holiday Inn? What about all of the abuses occurring under ICE's 287(g) program, and the fact that one of Nappy's first orders to her underlings was to find ways to expedite the program to other law enforcement entities? What about the fact that the Napster's pal and political ally Sheriff Joe Arpaio continues to use the 287(g) program to conduct raids and sweeps far worse than anything that happened in Bellingham?

But there's no hint of any worries over the 287(g) program in the Hill report. Instead, the CHC members were as a giddy as a pack of school girls at a Jonas Brothers concert.

"Gutierrez, Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and others described Napolitano as giving a firm commitment to thoroughly review a Bush administration policy that has resulted in dozens of workplace raids and the deportation of hundreds of immigrants," states the Hill article. "The CHC has complained that the raids break up families and communities while doing little to punish the employers who hire undocumented workers."

Excuse me, but "dozens of workplace raids" and "the deportation of hundreds of immigrants"? That's a pittance compared to the figures ICE cites for those collared by 287(g)-trained locals.

A November 2008 ICE fact sheet states that, "Since January 2006, the 287(g) program is credited with identifying more than 79,000 individuals...who are suspected of being in the country illegally."

These congressmen need to get past their infatuation with Nappy, and pressure her to end the 287(g) program. Otherwise, they do a disservice to the people who put them in power, and accomplish nothing other than the burnishing of Nappy's keister with their kisses.

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