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Daniel Patterson, Disgraced Ex-Legislator, Not Running in 2012, but Doesn't Rule Out 2014

Disgraced Democratic-turned-Independent ex-state Representative Daniel Patterson isn't making an official end to his political career.

Patterson took to Twitter to say he's not running again for his former seat, based in Tucson, but ends with "2014?"

That might be a tough one, since Patterson resigned a bit after an ethics committee report claimed he routinely ignored House rules, "verbally abuses, assaults, and harasses" a bunch of people at the Capitol, was possibly violating court orders, may have written a Facebook post under the name of an ex-girlfriend to recant a domestic-violence claim made against him, and tried to trade sex for his vote on a bill, among other things.

Patterson has maintained that he had done nothing wrong, saying he was "forced to resign due to the fact that the House has become a very hostile work environment for me."

Patterson had said he thought the "[f]ix was in" against him throughout the ethics process.

He ended up resigning ahead of a vote on his expulsion, but after the House Ethics Committee unanimously voted to give him the boot.

While Patterson's not giving it a go for this fall, the Secretary of State has released the laundry list of people who are running for Arizona's various seats, while a handful of people are still running unopposed.

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