Feathered Bastard

Dennis Wilenchik of Andy Thomas Fame Taken to the Woodshed by Judge Roslyn Silver

Would you be surprised if the demon dog of the Arizona legal community were to act like a jerk in federal court toward a Deputy U.S. Marshal?

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That's why, when I learned about a hearing last week into the behavior of Dennis Wilenchik, an old enemy of New Times', the only thing I wondered was why a hearing was necessary.

Mold litigator extraordinaire and erstwhile "special prosecutor" for disgraced, disbarred ex-County Attorney Andy Thomas, Wilenchik recently appeared before Arizona's U.S. District Court Chief Judge Roslyn Silver to defend his actions toward Deputy U.S. Marshal Delvin Brown.

I'm not kidding by much when I say that a full regurgitation of Wilenchik's bad-boy conduct over the years would require the length of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Highlights of Wilenchik's career in law include: sparring with judges, ordering the arrests of journalists in the middle of the night on trumped-up charges in his role as Thomas' Grand Inquisitor, lying about ordering those arrests, issuing broad, Orwellian subpoenas into the online reading habits of the general public, fudging his resume, and having an investigator for the State Bar of Arizona tailed by private dicks.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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