Derrick McDonald Walked Into a Random Mesa Apartment to Scream About Being Eaten by Cats

A Mesa resident got an unexpected visitor to his apartment Saturday night -- Derrick McDonald, who police say walked into the apartment to scream about being eaten by (likely imaginary) cats.

For some reason, Mesa police officers are inclined to believe that McDonald may have ingested some sort of illicit drug prior to this incident.

According to a Mesa police brief, the resident of the apartment -- near Broadway and Dobson -- called police, and McDonald didn't exactly run away, as the resident pointed out McDonald to police outside the apartment when officers arrived.

McDonald was "acting belligerent, agitated, and speaking in a manner consistent with drug use," police say.

"The investigation learned that Derrick entered the victim's apartment, uninvited, and began screaming and talking about cats eating him," according to a police brief. "Derrick refused to leave when asked."

Police say McDonald didn't fight officers while being handcuffed but "violently exploded into motion" after the cuffs were on.

After thrashing, McDonald ended up falling over backward, taking down a couple of officers with him and landing on an officer's ankle, injuring it.

Fire personnel who showed up had to "chemically subdue" him, according to police, and once he was taken to the hospital -- he wasn't injured, but he was hospitalized for his condition -- he had to be subdued again after bugging out again.

Charges of trespassing and aggravated assault on a police officer are pending, according to a police spokesman.

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