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Does Arizona Really Need a "Louder Voice Nationally?" Really?

Governor Jan Brewer is currently considering moving the primary date in Arizona from February 28, to January 31, to give the state what the Associated Press describes as a "louder voice nationally."

Arizona's "voice" in the national discussion lately has earned the state the nickname of "the meth-lab of democracy." Another recently added car on Arizona's shame-train is the fact that Gawker recently declared it to be the worst state in America (much thanks to Maricopa County's "insane lunatic cowboy wannabe" sheriff, Joe Arpaio).

Obviously, the "worst state" in the entire country is an opinion -- but Arizona's "voice" isn't doing much to help the state's image on the national stage.

Arizona is more of a look at, don't listen to state -- its natural beauty is top-notch, weather's pretty awesome (most of the time), and -- if you get up early enough -- you can golf and ski in the same day. But then our politicians start flappin' their gums and jottin' down laws...

In the past two years, Arizona politicos have concocted an immigration law that managed to piss off just about everyone in the entire country (if you support it, you've had it with the bleedin' heart liberals; if you oppose it, everyone who supports it is a racist).

They've turned a continuously debunked conspiracy theory into the humiliating "birther bill," which could have forced presidential candidates to provide the government with a physical description of their penis before their name is allowed on the ballot in the Grand Canyon State.

Those behind Arizona's "voice" have spent time -- and your money -- coming up with a legislative solution to a non-existent problem: race-based abortions.

Then there's the guns: guns in bars, guns on college campuses (almost), an official state gun, ATF guns creeping across the border to Mexico.

And then there's Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce, J.D. Hayworth, Raul Grijalva, and Joe Arpaio -- sweet Jesus, Joe Arpaio!

This is what Arizona's "voice" has contributed to the national discussion lately, and Brewer wants to make that voice louder.

If you ask us, Arizona's "voice nationally" should resemble nearly 20 seconds of  Brewer's appearance during last year's gubernatorial debate: awkward, humiliated silence.

But we want to know what you think: does Arizona need a "louder voice nationally?"

Cast your vote below.

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