Doug Ducey, Martha McSally, Andy Tobin Join in Condemnation of Russell Pearce

It was DC London's Sean Noble that got the ball rolling on Saturday, calling on fellow Republican Russell Pearce to "resign or be removed" from his position as first vice chair of the state GOP. This, in the wake of Pearce's hateful comments on the forced sterilization of female Medicaid recipients.

Then came more Rs today, padding down the same river: Arizona Attorney General hopeful Mark Brnovich, GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey, Congressional District 2 candidate Martha McSally, CD 1 Congressman-wannabe Andy Tobin.

Like Noble, McSally called for Pearce's resignation. The other candidates have not. Yet.

Should Pearce have to resign, remember who first reported on Pearce's asinine statements.

That's right, yours truly, in my most recent column.

Hey, I might as well remind you. My pals in the local Fourth Estate likely will not.

I'm hearing that behind the scenes, GOP players are working to get Pearce to exit stage right.

But of course, he's resisting.

What's different this time, from all the times before when Pearce said or did something beyond the pale?

Well, it's an election year, for one. And Pearce does not have any real power like he did when he was in office, just influence over the Tea Party wing of the AZ GOP.

Even the Tea Partiers will find Pearce's bile hard to swallow this time.

Those condemning Pearce deserve kudos. Sure, there's a political reason: tight general election contests across the board.

But, the way I figure it, if someone does the right thing, it's still the right thing, no matter the reason.

Below are some of the Twitter comments that have been coming fast and furious. No doubt I will be adding more in the very near future.

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