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Doug Stanhope Mad About Jesus' Presence at Bisbee's City Council Meeting on Civil Unions

As you may know by now, Bisbee became last week the first city in the state to give same-sex couples the right to a civil union.

Not mentioned in any of the news coverage, however, was that comedian Doug Stanhope, perhaps the best-known Bisbee resident, showed up to the city council meeting to give a diatribe on Jesus' presence.

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As you can see in the video below, Stanhope didn't have much to say about the civil-union ordinance that was being proposed ("I'm not gay and I think marriage is stupid," he said but later added that he showed up to fight for "human equality"), but he appeared to be upset at the fact that a preacher opened the city council meeting with a prayer.

"I found it absolutely abhorrent that this would be opened by a preacher preaching Jesus in a city function," Stanhope said. "I am shaking with absolute rage . . ."

He added that he found it "sickening" and noted that he doesn't get to give a spiel before every city council meeting as an atheist.

Stanhope, who was wearing a bright-pink suit jacket at the time, then left the meeting but returned "incognito" with what appeared to be a disguise, including glasses, a plaid jacket, and a bow-tie. Who knows?

Check out the video of Stanhope below (and the bonus material below that):

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