Dr. Deception: Joseph Franzetti Dispenses $300 Psych Evaluations Like They’re Flu Shots, but the Reports Are Useless

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The tape shows a panoramic view of the visitation room, from minutes before Kelley McNaughton's arrival until after Dr. Franzetti leaves.

Though the tape does not provide absolute proof that the doctor played "kneesie" beneath the interview table, it does confirm key aspects of McNaughton's account.

Franzetti walks into the room at 1:52 p.m., wearing khakis and a black shirt not tucked in. At 2:04, another female inmate sits down across from him for her Rule 11 exam. He's completes it 16 minutes later at 2:20.

McNaughton comes in at 2:38 and takes her seat.

Franzetti seems to be writing in a notebook on and off for about 20 minutes. But at 3 p.m., he shuts his notebook and doesn't appear to write another word until he leaves two hours later.

About 3:15, McNaughton seems to be nervously looking around the room. She and the doctor seem to be fully engaged in banter.

If you didn't know she was a handcuffed prisoner and he was a forensic shrink on the job, it might appear that they were at a tavern.

At 3:37 p.m., McNaughton squirms her whole body to the left and moves back to face the doctor, who is doing most of the talking.

About 4, Franzetti, who is about 6-foot-4, seems to slouch way down in his seat.

The two continue to appear to be enjoying each other's company.

The on-duty corrections officer remains about 50 feet away, his view blocked by a concrete girder unless he occasionally moves around the room (though he properly continues to give some space to the psychiatrist and his subject.)

Just before 5 p.m., Franzetti finally gathers his papers. He stands up and walks a few feet to the door. He pushes the buzzer that alerts someone to unlock it and allow him to leave.

But the door doesn't open for more than a minute. Franzetti turns around and, as McNaughton recounted in her interview with New Times, he stands there and stares at her wordlessly for several seconds.

McNaughton stares back.

Last week, Drs. Franzetti and Kushner ("the old idiot") filed their Rule 11 reports on Kelley McNaughton with Superior Court.

Kushner's was several pages long and thoroughly documented.

Franzetti's was typically meager, a few pages with little in the way of facts or substantiation.

Both reports concluded that McNaughton is competent to stand trial.

The taxpayer cost for each report: $300.

Joseph Franzetti said nothing in his report about any flirtatious or otherwise inappropriate behavior by McNaughton.

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