Feathered Bastard

DREAMer and DACA-Applicant Octavio Castaneda Flores Free After Eight Months Nonbondable in Maricopa County Jail

The first time I met Octavio Castaneda Flores, he was in county stripes, his hands cuffed to a desk where he sat in the visiting room of Durango Jail.

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It was January, and already he had spent four months in stir, nonbondable on eight class four felonies involving forgery and ID theft.

Octavio, now 28, would spend four more months in jail, before he was finally released this week, after the prosecutor in the case moved to dismiss all remaining charges.

Wednesday, I saw him as a free man, surrounded by his children, his wife Brenda, and their newborn Michael.

He had missed the birth of his youngest son. Nevertheless, he was all smiles.

"It feels great to have my family back," he told me, as Michael slept the sleep of the innocent in Brenda's arms. "I can't explain it. I don't have the words to explain it."

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