Duke St. Rollins on Jan Brewer, Ted Nugent, Joe Arpaio, Sean Hannity, Teabagger Spelling Errors, and More

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Part verbal terrorist, part international man of mystery, Duke St. Rollins trolls the Facebook sites of teatard politicos and talking heads, leaving behind flaming piles of fresh manure that the 'baggers are never entirely able to extinguish. 

Via screenshots, the Duke hoists evidence of his kills, like mounted, taxidermied trophies that remain long after the Duke's footprints have been eradicated from a wingnut's comment section.

Fox News blowhard Sean Hannity is a frequent target, as are Grand Canyon State familiars such as our birther-Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Governor "GED Jan" Brewer, the latter two targets earning the Duke plaudits aplenty from Sand Land fans.

But just who is Duke St. Rollins and what drives him to pursue the crackpots and walking Payday bars that populate the American body politic?

To some extent, the Duke reveals himself through the "Comedy Manifesto" he's posted to a couple of his Facebook pages. But of course, this Bastard wanted to know more, so I hit the Duke with a few e-mailed inquiries and received the following answers. 

Not all is revealed, but it is a start, and in reading them, one can't help but recall Rick's words to Captain Renault in Casablanca. "Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Why the name "Duke St. Rollins"? Why the pic of Henry Rollins? And the question way too many people ask: Are you Henry Rollins? What's your real name, if you're willing to share it?

When I got started in trolling, and decided to use a nom du troll, I was posing as a hard right teabagger. A good friend who is conservative suggested "Duke." I wanted a name with "troll" in it. So the original was Duke Strollington. He trolled for a while and was killed when he switched sides and became a liberal. Mass reporting by his 2000+ conservative friends got him shut down by Facebook. 

When I decided to give it another try I wanted to preserve as much of the previous name recognition as I could. Keeping "troll" in the name was important to me. So I chose Duke St. Rollins. The pic of Henry seemed like a good idea, but I am considering changing it. Too many people think I am Henry Rollins. I am not Henry Rollins. And I am not willing to tell who I really am.

You said you're in Europe right now on business. Where are you, and what do you do for a living?

I work in banking and on this trip I am in several countries. I am in France right now.

Where do you live? Are you a resident of Arizona? What city? How old are you? Are you from Arizona? If not, where?

I'm from the Northeast. I have only been to Arizona once, years ago and thought it was nice. I'm in my mid 40's.

What motivates the Duke to inflict verbal pain and suffering on right-wingers?

My motivation? Pure comedy. If I can make someone laugh, I am happy. That's not to say I have any love for 'baggers or wing-nuts. I fucking hate them, and a side benefit to making a liberal chuckle is knowing some 'bagger's head is exploding when I shit in his coffee.

Read your Comedy Manifesto. I take it you get a lot of grief about your creative use of language. What do people get most bent out of shape about?

Some people hate the word cunt. I fucking love it. It is not misogynistic, and a lot of women understand this and have no issue with it. It is usually the PC pussy liberals who get on my case about it. I don't care. I won't stop saying it.

Aside from your page 1,000,000 Strong to Help Improve Tea Party Patriots' Spelling and Grammar, do you have other Facebook pages or webpages we should be aware of?

I have a few other minor pages. Jesus H. God is one. Ted Nugent's Midget Porn Fetish is another. I Was Banned by Joe the Plumber. 1,000,000 Strong to Help Americans Appreciate the Power of the Word "Cunt" is mine too. I think there are a few others that I don't use often. I would need to check.

Who is your favorite all-time target and why?

I just love to troll the shit out of Hannity. He represents everything that I hate about the right wing teatards. Some of my best work has been on his page. He inspires me to really let loose. Joe Arpaio is always fun too, and doing Jan Brewer recently has gotten me very popular in Arizona. Your story certainly contributed to that too. More of my fans are from Phoenix than from any other city.

Which one of your troll attacks lasted the longest before being taken down? How long was it up?

I rarely go back to see if my post survives. So I have no idea how long they stay there. That is why I screenshot them all immediately. In my early days I lost the record of some brilliant stuff because I was waiting for responses before I took the pic. Now I don't even want to get into a back and forth with people unless they try to troll my page. Some idiot from Arizona tried it yesterday. I searched public records and found his long criminal record and posted it on my wall. He shut the fuck up.

Have you ever been threatened with legal action? If so by whom?

Some guy threatened to sue 1,000,000 Strong... Spelling and Grammar once. It freaked me out a bit because I really can't be getting into a lawsuit over a hobby. I just don't take it that seriously. When it stops being fun, I will stop doing it. As the comedy manifesto says, I am not here to further the liberal or progressive cause. I am not about being political. I'm in it for the comedy.

Do you take requests? If so, have you thought of bitch-slappin' Russell Pearce?

I take requests. But to be honest, I'm getting 50 a day now and I can't do them all. But watch my page for your request. I'll do that one.

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