Enjoy the Monsoon Storms Today Because It's Going to Be Hot and Sunny Again Starting Tomorrow

When you live in Phoenix, there's nothing quite like a Friday full of thunderstorms and rain, huh?

Depending on where you are in the Valley, there's a good chance you woke up to monsoon activity this morning, or at least encountered it during your commute. Isolated downpours have already left deep pools of water in backyards and parking lots — prompting flash flood warnings in Scottsdale — and strong winds have ripped many a weak palm frond from trees.  After an absurdly dry and hot July, this weather certainly feels amazing — but make sure you enjoy it today, because meteorologists at the National Weather Service say it's not going to last. 

"Today is probably going to be the last generally active monsoon day for the Phoenix area," says Austin Jamison, an NWS meteorologist. "Then drier air will start to work its way into Arizona from the west … and we'll see warmer temperatures as well."

Jamison says that while temperatures will begin creeping back up into the 106-108 range over the weekend, the good news is that highs today will only be around 100.

He also says that while isolated thunderstorms are predicted to dump more rain across the Valley today, there's no indication we'll experience anything quite like the epic storm we got Tuesday evening that shut down highways and left many without power.

And speaking of Tuesday's storm, if you missed it (or just feel like reliving it now or over the hot and dry weekend) the NWS has rolled out a gorgeous new website full of photos and videos and interesting facts about what so far has been this year's biggest monsoon event.

Click here to check it out

And scroll down to see some crazy images and videos of today's storms

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Miriam is a staff writer at Phoenix New Times.
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