News (Who?) Wants New Times Out of Arizona; We'll Get Right On That

A writer at a Web site called has a beef with New Times and has called for our (gasp!) expulsion from the state of Arizona.

Get in line: Many have demanded this over the years.

In an article written yesterday, the Examiner's  "libertarian examiner," Daniel Heller, got pissy over an event notice for a book-signing written by Night & Day Editor Clay McNear.

In the opening of McNear's piece, he says, "For a place with an overall IQ of about 32 -- to judge by all the shotgun-toting boobs sporting Sheriff Joe bumper stickers -- Phoenix has an ace literary scene."

Heller, a "fourth-generation Arizonan," was all butt-hurt.

In a 450 word piece, Heller writes that not everyone in Arizona is stupid -- and shucks -- the "leftist" New Times needs to apologize.

Gee, we're sorry for thinking people who support our sheriff are stupid.

"The editors of the New Times should pull the piece and immediately apologize for its pretentious, condescending, and slanderous message," Heller pouts.

Heller goes on to tell New Times to "get the hell" out of Phoenix and suggests we head to that "warm, tropical, wonderful little island just south of Florida, that socialist paradise of the Caribbean, with beautiful women, fine cigars, universal health care, and dictators older than dirt. How about it, New Times?"

If the Examiner's willing or able to set us up in Havanna, we'd be willing to take on Castro -- what's he gonna do, drag us from our homes in the middle of the night and throw us in jail?

We're not scared. Maricopa County's own "older than dirt" wanna-be dictator already did that right here in America.

At least Cuba's got beaches.


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