Feedback for the Issue of Thursday, January 20, 2011


We’re all so predictable: Typical of New Times to call for strict gun control in Arizona when an obviously crazy person, who could have done his murderous deed [almost] anywhere in the nation unimpeded, killed the six people and injured [13] others in Tucson (“Day of the Dead,” Stephen Lemons, January 13).

You alternative newspaper types are so predictable. You will always push gun control, when the citizens of Arizona have spoken time and again that we don’t want it. We have a constitutional right to own guns, by God, and we would rather die than turn into New York or California.

Save your breath, New Times. This isn’t a place where pussy liberals like you guys will ever win the day.
Lester May, Phoenix

NRA arguments are full of it: Gun violence here is through the roof, and the fact that this guy, Jared Loughner, is crazy doesn’t mean he would have been able to buy his gun no matter what — even if Arizona had required in New York-style gun registration.

And what’s wrong with registration, anyhow? We have to register for a lot of things in a civilized society. For instance, our cars. If you want to own a lot of cars, you have to pay a lot of license fees.

The National Rifle Association arguments are full of shit. With licenses, only non-law-abiding NRA members wouldn’t be able to get guns.

Hmmm, is the NRA worried that only a small percentage of its members would qualify? If not, why all the bitching over the very idea that life-threatening weapons — like semiautomatics — should require permits?!
Ray Bell, Tucson

That’s a lot of dead bodies: For the sake of the literate — those who actually check facts — the murder rate in Australia is 0.0150324 per 1,000 people. In the United States it’s 0.042802 per 1,000 people. In other words, the United States is almost three times as high.

With more than 300 million Americans, that makes for a lot of dead bodies. How many dead are worth your need to put something large, black, and hard in your hand?
Kit Carson, Phoenix

Well, not “anywhere”: Gun laws had nothing to do with the shooting [in Tucson]. Whether it be a 10-round clip or a 30-round clip, [Jared Loughner] still would have killed someone! Even though the man is fucking crazy, he had no criminal record, no psychiatric hospitalization; thus, he still could have purchased a gun legally anywhere in the country!
Ken Johnson, Phoenix

Guns for sale in NT: A search for “pistol” in the Sports Equipment section of New Times free classified ads turned up two pages with about 200 entries for items offered for sale, many offered by individuals, not gun dealers.

A person who wants to buy a gun is able to obtain one from an individual with no background check at all, so the system that didn’t identify [the Tucson] shooter could have easily been bypassed even if he had been in the database.

Before you start condemning gun availability, look in the mirror and see how much New Times might be contributing to the problem.
Ron Maty, Phoenix

Why not just blame everything on Satan?: Sin and evil make all things possible. Don’t blame the local gun laws. Blame Satan.
Billy Buck, Phoenix

“Sanely” is the key word, Carol: How can anybody sanely argue that we don’t need stricter gun control — particularly in Arizona?!
Carol Mann, Tucson

Got any more clichés for us, Bob?: Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. If we take guns away, the only people who suffer are law-abiding citizens, because they can no longer protect themselves from the criminals who get guns, regardless of the laws.

It doesn’t matter that Loughner bought the gun legally. Even if he would have been prevented from buying the gun through legitimate avenues, he would have gotten one on the street or on Craigslist.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter that anyone can conceal carry in Arizona now. Even if we didn’t have that law on the books, Loughner would have hidden the gun and still harmed the innocent victims in Saturday’s shooting.

The Second Amendment gives me my right to bear arms, and you’ll have to pry my gun out of my cold dead hands if you want to take it away. Perhaps New Times should focus on the tragic state of our mental healthcare system in Arizona.
Bob Cobb, Phoenix

A twist on the old cliché: Guns don’t kill people. Crazy people with guns kill people.
Chad Snow, Peoria

Or how about all loons?: By all anecdotal evidence, Jared [Loughner] was an insane liberal. His own friends called him a “left-wing pot head” (“Shooter Described by Classmate as ‘Left-Wing,’” James King, Valley Fever blog, January 8).

Solution: Keep guns out of the hands of left-leaning loons.
Byte Rider, city unavailable

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