Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, February 16th, 2012


Another hard-boiled gem: This is another great Paul Rubin story — hard-boiled and fact-based. I wouldn't want to get on Rubin's radar screen if I had anything better left untold ("Risky Business," February 2).
R.J. O'Brien, Tempe

A look at Weymouth's "morality ledger": Paul Rubin has done a good job at getting into the mind of the personality type [that] is Brian Weymouth.

I am an acquaintance of Alice Cooper's and have golfed with Alice and [Cooper manager] Shep Gordon. They are, as stated, "handshake" businesspeople, as are many people in the Valley and beyond.

Weymouth keeps a morality ledger in his mind. His intentions are good, and he usually gets results. The Julio Cesar Chavez part of the story illustrates Weymouth's morality ledger.

I say this because I have felt the same way at times — namely, were it not for my ideas, sweat, and collaboration, then (insert names of other people) would have nothing. It is not hard to rationalize questionable fiscal behavior when you have convinced yourself [that] the overall good for the project or other people continues to move forward.

Weymouth may be 100 percent correct with his internal morality ledger, but a deal is a deal — handshake or in writing. Unless you are an elected official, you have to play by the rules, even if your hard work benefits others more than yourself. If you want to change the rules, you have got to run it by the rule makers (financiers) first.

This is where Weymouth disconnected. Had he sought approval instead of forgiveness, he might still be creating great ideas [that] others could endorse. Perhaps he can do so in the future.
Barry Hegrenes, Mesa

A pal of Weymouth's defends him: Been friends with Brian Weymouth for 30-plus years; he has been nothing but a model citizen. It's pathetic when guys making money off Weymouth try to trash his name. He's a great person to the community and constantly is giving back, mostly through youth sports.
Name withheld

No sympathy without due diligence: If people got themselves mixed up in [ventures such as this], that's their own damn fault for being so naive. Do your due diligence before you cut the check.
Name withheld


Reader fears it's a Flake/Romney year: Now, wouldn't it be great if [former Surgeon General] Richard Carmona could actually get elected to the U.S. Senate from Arizona? Unfortunately, I don't think there are enough Democrats in the state to make this happen — especially in an election in which Barack Obama will be fighting for his political life ("Flake Baker," Stephen Lemons, January 26).

But you make an effective argument. The polls have been going Carmona's away when compared to GOP golden boy Jeff Flake. Though I hope they are right, I fear there will be some new economic catastrophe and Flake will waltz in, with Mitt Romney leading the ticket.

Then, we'll really be in the soup, because remember, everybody: George W. Bush got us into the economic mess we're in, not [Obama].
Richard Rodriguez, Phoenix

Carmona instills hope for AZ: When I read about men like Richard Carmona, I have hope for our state. Hope that it will emerge from the dark ages following its Centennial and elect leaders who really can improve the plight of citizens.

Barack Obama gets a lot of flak for [not curing] the plague that George W. Bush inflicted on our country, but electing a Teabagger-loving president, like Mitt Romney [would be], isn't the answer.

And Jeff Flake, who used to be rational on the issue of immigration, lately has stuck his head squarely up the ass of the Tea Party because he thinks this is the way to get votes.

Carmona is the type of senator we need, not somebody like Flake, who bends far too easily to foul political winds.
Edward James White, Tucson

Hello! Lemons is an opinion columnist: This article is not news. This is an op-ed piece touting Stephen Lemons' personal opinion. It clearly is not an objective discussion of both Democratic candidates.

I have been a New Times reader for many years and never once have seen Lemons write favorably about [former state Democratic Party chair Don] Bivens.

Rather, Lemons regularly makes harsh criticism of everything Bivens does. Frankly, if one calls himself a news reporter, he should at least try to create an unbiased discussion about the upcoming election and candidates.
Name withheld

No one owns God: I guess it's okay to make predictions; the GOP extremists have their prophets/psychics predicting Obama is a one-term president.

But I think I'll [wait until] post-election night to bark at the moon on a Democratic win. I'm a Democrat, but I never did believe in anyone having psychic ability. And I surely don't believe that the GOP owns God, as [it claims]; last I read in the Good Book, he was non-political and owned by no one!
Name withheld

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