Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, February 9th, 2012


Victoria herself responds: Most interesting thing to me is that [inside the article] in an Arizona paper, the close-up photo of my ukelele case (with a bumper sticker that says "I Support Arizona!") is covered by my Santa suit. Feels like George Orwell's 1984, where truth is forbidden ("Tea Party Princess," Gus Garcia-Roberts, January 26).

So, just FYI . . . I SUPPORT AZ, NOT OBAMA! How dare he sue a state! What is he a king? A dictator?!
Victoria Jackson, Miami Lakes, Florida

Editor's note: What the former Saturday Night Live star didn't see, since she read "Tea Party Princess" online, is that her "I Support Arizona!" sticker is seen prominently on the cover of our print edition.

Jackson indicative of those who ruined the GOP: Is this a joke? Seriously?

"Twit" would be the first word to come to mind in regard to this . . . person. Arrogant, racist, asinine, stupid twit would be a hell of a lot more accurate, though.

It's arrogant judgmental people like this who have ruined the Republican Party and the [political] right in general. They do not represent American values; they represent everything American values should not be. No one has the right to be this judgmental.

BTW, this "liberal" works every day, has done so for more than 30 years (I'm 45), owns his own successful local business, employs a staff of 12, and provides for his family while raising three kids. I'm such a slacker.

This lady (and I use the term very loosely) is the definition of "Tea-tard."
Steve Martin, Phoenix

Squirt . . .: I love this woman!
Billy Orvis White, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Lost in her own world: This article was very hard for me to read. It's only a matter of time before [Victoria Jackson] goes completely off the deep end.

Until then, she is nothing more that a one-woman circus sideshow — a freak who doesn't realize she is a freak. Goodbye, Victoria; you're lost in your own world.
Darrell G. Ragland, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Credible cat: Ah, but Toonces the cat kept his credibility.
Kevin O'Connor, Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

Let's hope it's all a joke: I keep waiting for her to come out as having punked the Tea Party movement. If not, at least she's turned the name Victoria Jackson into a punchline.
Douglas J.E. Barnes, Tweed, Ontario

It's really not about looks, T.J.: Could this article be any nastier, left-winged, vicious, and wrong? [Victoria Jackson is] smart, politically astute, and still hot!

Ever see most of these lib chicks when they hit 50? Forget 50 . . . try 30! This is why we need a Tea Party and why V.J. should be the majority in Follyweird!
T.J. Bea, city unavailable

A sad turn, indeed: Why would you validate this person with any sort of media attention? Of course, I could kick myself because I was once a fan — but her sudden turn to the right is both saddening and disgusting.
Roberto Jose Burnett, city unavailable

Perhaps: [Victoria Jackson's] about a quart low on sanity.
Jason Rahall, city unavailable

Damaged, broken, tragic: While she is exasperating, I feel very sorry for her. She strikes me as damaged and broken [with] her strange deeds and the things that come out of her mouth.

Victoria doesn't seem like a particularly nasty person, and I have to think she's taken an extra helping of crap for being a short blonde with a stereotypically high-pitched bimbo voice. I get the sense that she wants to do right but doesn't always know what that is.

To me, she's just tragic.
Name withheld

Your wit astounds us: She will help defeat the New Democratic Youth Party, officially known as the Fleabaggers Party of America, with Princess Nancy Pelosi as [its] leader.
Name withheld

Life's not fair: Phil Hartman is dead, and [Jackson] gets to live? Yeah, thanks, universe.
Name withheld

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