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Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, June 24, 2010

BADLANDS Find a way to welcome immigrants: While I am very sympathetic regarding the death of Mr. Rob Krentz and feel very sorry for his family, I don't think the state of Arizona is doing the right thing to enact this law. Nor do I think [SB 1070] is going...
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Find a way to welcome immigrants: While I am very sympathetic regarding the death of Mr. Rob Krentz and feel very sorry for his family, I don't think the state of Arizona is doing the right thing to enact this law.

Nor do I think [SB 1070] is going to be very effective in stopping the migration of illegals into our country.

The issue of immigration is a huge one, largely because of economics. We say that we want to stop illegal immigration, yet large and small companies are usually more than willing to employ them. In many parts of our nation, our economy cannot be sustained without immigrants who are willing to work for minimum wage or less.

Let's try to figure out a way to welcome immigrants into our country — that is, people who are willing to work and support their families — and make them legal residents and a part of our productive economy.
Yvonne Gatz, Jacksonville, Florida

Nothing "off the wall" here: I have often thought about how New Times' reporting is "off the wall." However, your "Cowboy Down" story, about the murder of Rob Krentz, was wonderful, factual, and told without misconception or flamboyancy.

It is one of the best news articles that I have ever seen. Thank you so much for covering this tragedy.
Linda and George Vensel, Patagonia

Who's the real asshole here?: Not a bad story on the rancher. However, do the citizens of Arizona a favor and print the entire SB 1070, as signed into law and amended. Then read the damn bill yourself!

You and the rest of the open-borders assholes are doing an injustice to the Hispanic community by spreading lies and distorting the truth. The law clearly states that "racial profiling" cannot and will not be tolerated.

Also, if you really want to maintain some kind of credibility, leave this paper and find better jobs.

If you want to let this country of opportunity through hard work (not handouts) become like another Third Word shit-hole, then let's let in all the world's uneducated, unskilled, and hopeless. Oh, by the way, they can stay at your house, drive your car, eat your food, and do whatever to your family.
Craig Tillman, Phoenix

Shooter's background still a mystery: Backing up just a bit, I find it odd that so many people have concluded that this unfortunate murder was perpetrated by an illegal.

Nobody has been apprehended. The only eyewitness is dead. What do we really know about the murder?

We know that some empty cartridges were found near the murder scene. I suppose we could infer that the murder weapon was probably a semi-automatic pistol or rifle, since a revolver wouldn't eject empty cartridges. So if the weapon ever turns up, it can probably be matched to the cartridges. If the shooter was too casual, there might be prints on the cartridge cases. I'm guessing that's about all that can reasonably be inferred from what police have disclosed about the investigation.

So far, only a secondhand account of a garbled radio transmission and the geographic location suggest that an "illegal" might have been the perpetrator. This, of course, didn't and doesn't prevent political capitalization on the part of right-wingers.
Joe Curwen, Phoenix

Who will save America?: My heart goes out to the Krentz family. Unfortunately, the media usually portrays law-abiding citizens as cruel and unfeeling, while they portray Mexican illegals as poor, unfortunate victims.

Nothing is being done to save [America]. We have to deal with trashed neighborhoods, graffiti, crime, drugs, and blight. It breaks my heart to see what is happening.
Linda Majors, Phoenix

This death shouldn't have happened: This particular article angered me [so much that] I truly had to control my emotions. That no one heeded the plea about continuous trespassing is terrible.

This [death] should never have happened, and I feel it has happened before — maybe even worse.

My condolences go out to [widow Sue Krentz]. I know she is strong, but she will always have to live with this memory. I think she deserves more, and I wish it for her.
Deon Thomas, Phoenix

Not all "Mexicans" are Mexican: Someone needs to start telling people that the immigrants coming from Mexico are not all Mexican.

Mexico [similar] issues as Arizona. People from South America and Central America are funneling in there. Someone needs to start telling all the idiots who only complain about Mexico and Mexicans that there is a whole range of people coming illegally through Mexico to the United States.

I think both countries can work together to stop illegal immigration. And, for God's sake, [enact] SB 1070 so all those illegals abusing the system go home.

Yeah, it sucks, but all the illegals make it difficult for those of us who migrated here to have a better life and followed the rules.

I'd also like to see all the European and Asian illegals sent back home, too. I'm tired of trying to talk to guys who can't speak English, people who try to talk to me in Russian or Greek or something.

Staying after their visas expire automatically also makes them illegal — so I'd like to see a commercial of John McCain going after them at airports and work sites.

I hope 1070 weeds out all of these immigrants so we can all have a more secure home.
J. Figueroa, Phoenix

Fearing the "reconquista": "Reconquista" has been under way for quite some time. Now, it is taking place in the form of murdering innocents.

Oh, and also in the form of "cultural studies" in the Tucson Unified School District. Hey, America, wake the fuck up!
Benson Willcox, near the border

Liberals won't let solution emerge: I think the problem on our southern border is much like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. If you don't stop the leak, you will never be able to clean up the mess.

The border could be secured in a very short time if we get tough enough on enforcement. I do not believe the bleeding-heart liberals will ever let this happen, though. Our best chance would be to let British Petroleum take over.
David Burke, city unavailable

"Dang wall" is not the answer: I think this article resonated with a lot of people. The stands were empty, and I took the last newspaper!

I tend to be conservative, and your paper leans left. However, your piece was well thought-out and seemed to carry a little of both sides.

The "dang wall" is not the answer. I used to think it was. The answer? We need to do something to reduce the reason for them to come here! There are lots of ways to accomplish this, but as long as there is work here and an economic reason to be here, they will come.

We can work on the economy down there, some. We can restrict who hires "illegal" aliens. Period. I am an immigrant myself. This is not a racial issue.

I noticed you didn't hit much on the terrorists coming across. There is the real problem.
L.E. Shantz, city unavailable

Eliminate the incentive: Nice article. This is an important topic that requires a lot more coverage in the press — especially about those on the front lines (the actual residents of these areas).

My two cents: The only way to stop illegals from crossing our borders is to eliminate the amnesty they receive if successful; eliminate the incentive. If people from other countries know that they can come to the United States, receive free medical care, housing, and education — in addition to all the other programs and support available — they will continue to do whatever it takes to get here.

This is not rocket science, and that point should be at the forefront of every conversation regarding our borders and their security.

Let church organizations, businesses, and the private citizens assist those in need, if they so choose, both here and abroad. It's not the federal government's responsibility.
Scott Helmer, city unavailable

Take a look at the real problem: My heart goes out to the Krentz family. I think we can all take a lesson from this death and not hold every Mexican responsible — just the twisted bastard who did this dirty deed.

As much as we don't want to think that any part of this is the fault of the American people, we are at least 50 percent responsible. The sole reason that so many people cross the border illegally is that there is work for them here. Until big business, which is the engine drawing these people, is made to stop employing them, the incentive will exist.

Unfortunately, no matter what laws we enact or what fences we build or how heavily we patrol, desperate people will be drawn to the incentives they see.
Name withheld

Please do not hurt or steal: A lot of people don't fully understand the outrage of Arizonans. These people feel we have something against the Mexican people — these people are simple-minded and arrogant.

Of course there are those who will [use immigration arguments] to hide their racism. But everybody needs to understand that the immigration problem isn't the fault of the Mexican people; it's the fault of people who purposely come here to commit crimes.

I have no problem with people coming here to better their lives. I would, too, if faced with the problems they have. But do it with kindness in your heart. Do not hurt or steal from people.
Name withheld

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