Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, November 20, 2008


ICE's new boss is full of it: The Bird's reaming of new ICE boss Matthew Allen was a breath of fresh air in this banana republic, where Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his wife, County Attorney Candy Thomas, reign with the blue-hairs and crackers who make up (as we saw again in the recent election) a majority of the electorate in this county ("Mr. Disingenuous," Stephen Lemons, November 6).

It's a truly depressing state of affairs around here, and it's good to see that New Times is still calling a spade a spade. Matthew Allen is a disgrace to the federal government. I can only believe that the new Democratic administration in Washington will remove him and others like him, and bring some sanity to immigration enforcement.

For Allen to say there have been no complaints against Arpaio's sweeps — which are always about racial profiling — is just plain bullshit. Doesn't this idiot, Allen, read New Times or watch TV? Didn't he see all the publicity on Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon's complaints about the sheriff? What a fool to make public comments that everybody knows are lies.

Allen's just happy that the opportunist sheriff is willing to do the dirty work for his lazy band of banditos, whose job now is only to wait for deliveries from the MCSO and draw their fat federal paychecks. [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] always has been a sick joke. Matthew Allen, your days on the public tit are numbered with the Obama administration [soon to be] in power.
Al Thompson, Phoenix

ICE ripped 73,000 families apart: Matthew Allen is the U.S. government's version of Adolf Eichmann — a conscienceless bureaucrat whose sole goal is the removal of an entire people from the area in his control. Look at ICE's recent numbers: 72,955 deported in the last year ("Local ICE Office Removed . . .," Ray Stern, Valley Fever blog).

Think of that as 72,955 families ripped apart, children left without one or both parents. How Allen and the others who aid him at ICE sleep at night is beyond me.
Joshua Peters, Mesa

Thanks for nothing, DeConcini: As a fellow Barack Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention, I'm disgusted with [former U.S. Senator] Dennis DeConcini ("DeCon Dumbass," The Bird, November 6). He was elected as an at-large delegate at the state nominating convention back in April by promising to go after McCain with every fiber of his being. He [said he] needed to be a delegate so that he could share all the dirt he had on McCain so we could all be empowered to defeat him.

That con job, coupled with the fact that the median age of Democratic state committee members is about 83, garnered him enough votes to be sent to Denver, even though he hadn't done dick for Obama up until then. He didn't do diddly at the convention that I could see. Nor did I see hide nor hair of that dirt-sharing he promised.

So instead of doing robo-calls and fliers for, you know, Obama, he chose to conduct his vendetta against McCain via a local sheriff's race. As if anyone but old people gives a shit what he thinks, or even knows who he is. The blue-hairs [voted] for Joe Arpaio anyway, but Dennis, perhaps, could have swayed a few to vote Obama. Thanks for nothing, asshole.
Name withheld


Here's your wake-up call, people: Only in Maricopa County can someone get away with the negligence [of] County Attorney Andrew Thomas ("Nursing Injustice," Stephen Lemons, October 30). Mike Nifong, the D.A. in the Duke [lacrosse] case, got disbarred for doing something quite similar [to what happened in the Courtney Bisbee prosecution]. He also refused to follow the evidence, or lack thereof.

It makes one wonder how we got to this point. I suppose the same way immigration issues got so bad. People just turned a blind eye because it didn't affect them directly. Well, here's your wake-up call people! It can happen to you! We need justice in the County Attorney's Office, not one man's political ambitions trumping justice.
David Saint, Phoenix

The ball's in your court, Andrew Thomas: Letter to Maricopa County Attorney Andrew P. Thomas: It's impossible for you to claim that you haven't received the new evidence and proof of innocence in Courtney Bisbee's case. We have learned that:

• On May 29, 2007, the Scottsdale Police Department forwarded a binder of the new evidence to your office.

• In June 2007, Attorney General Terry Goddard's office forwarded the same new evidence to your office, which was acknowledged by prosecutor Renee Baca.

• In June 2007, a South Carolina private investigator contacted your office and spoke with bureau chief Rachel Mitchell. The investigator expressed concern about a cover-up.

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