Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, September 30, 2010


GOP will never accept gay scions: These two young men need to wake up and smell the coffee that they now drink ("Over the Rainbow," Niki D'Andrea, September 16)! The Republican Party hierarchy will never accept them. Never!

Matt R. Salmon, break away from your bigoted father entirely — you've taken the biggest step! — and move across the aisle. Democrats accept your values.
Johnny Russell, Tucson

GOP is embarrassed by the LCR: Log Cabin Republicans! What a joke these people are to think that the GOP isn't just embarrassed by them.
John Mooney, San Francisco

Grow up, Penny: What I can't believe is that New Times published that disgusting picture of two men kissing in its article on the gay children from these two prominent Arizona Mormon/Republican families?

The story would've been fine without rubbing our faces in it! I understand that gay men can have Republican values, since many of them are two high-wage-earning males living together in one household — that is, they make more money than traditional married couples (where the woman is poorly paid) and, therefore, want to keep it.

But if anybody was in the closet about why society doesn't want men to marry, it's because we'd have to see men smooching in public all the time. What they do behind closed doors would be legitimized. It's bad enough seeing straight people making out — and more — when they just need to get a room. Gay people doing it, too, will make everybody sick!

New Times, have some decency. There are children looking at your free magazine and Web site!
Penny Neal, Phoenix

Salmon leading GOP into 21st century?: It was empowering to read a story about gay men who are Republicans. Maybe the Grand Old Party will move into the 21st century with young leaders like Matt R. Salmon.

I hope so, because my party has gone so far to the right that smart, young people in it are continually disgusted and bolting to the Dems.
Leslie Ann Mill, Tempe

Ha ha ha, Sharon: Homosexuality is, in fact, preventable and treatable. You have to get a good therapist and a good support system — and stick with it.
Sharon Kass, Washington

Whatever happened to the GOP's core beliefs?: Great story, but you need to do some research on the Mormon Church. For one, tithing is not "the only way to advance in the church," and they don't have "ministers."

I do find it interesting that young Matt says he believes in the core beliefs of the Republican Party, two of these being limited government and personal freedom.

I haven't seen a Republican in years who seems to believe in these. They might say they do, but every one of them who supported [George W.] Bush and his endeavors obviously don't believe in limited government, and any of them who fights against gay rights doesn't believe in either tenet.

It's hard to say you believe in personal freedom when you vote to limit the personal freedoms of others, and it's hard to claim that you're for limited government when you pass and/or keep laws that dictate what two consenting adults can do in the privacy of their own bedroom.

I wish Matt all the luck in the world. If the Republican Party can swing back to Goldwater-era ideals, maybe it'll start getting some support from me again.
Mike Wells, Phoenix

RINOs disgust Jay: Ugh, RINOs. Take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. Do you really know what it means to be a Republican? Your ignorance makes me physically ill.
Jay Bird, address unavailable

We won't be shutting up: In the past 40 years, we have advanced gay/straight equality (almost) to the point of allowing us to marry. Don't expect us to shut up about it soon.
John Paul Walls, address unavailable

Why isn't Salmon an Independent?: Since Matt R. Salmon thinks everyone should vote on issues, not parties, why is he a Republican or a Democrat? Why is he not an Independent? Don't ask for party backing and money and then stiff it.
Jay Nenninger, address unavailable

Did Matt write his own piece?: This whole article reads as if Matt R. Salmon wrote it about himself. I'm sure he loves the attention.
Tom Blunt, address unavailable

Byte Rider to the rescue!: Homosexuals carry an average of 33 diseases. That's three more than the average cockroach. Many of these diseases are communicable through social contact.

The average lifespan of a homosexual is 50 years because of the aforementioned diseases, drug abuse, or suicide.

Any doctor reading this can attest that what I just said is true. I'm not judging; I'm educating.
Byte Rider, address unavailable

Haters really just hate themselves: Yup, keep hating gays. There's this thing in life called karma. The more hate you've got, the more you'll be confronted.

Your hate is never about anybody else but yourself. Like masturbation, it's self-gratification in a very bad way. It might not literally make you blind. But intellectually and spiritually you are.
Sean Smith, address unavailable

Feeling sorry for Mormons: Thank God that we now see that all religions, all faiths, and all people are not compelled to be straight.

Some try very hard to be what they perceive is the expectation of parents and their religious leaders.

And why wreck a spouse's life trying to be straight? Explore your sexuality and enjoy it; it is a part of you, and you cannot change it.

There is no cosmetic surgery to add a little here and take away a little there. Too bad the Mormon Church is not better educated and up to date on real life. I feel sorry for all Mormons.
Randy Blackmer, address unavailable

Nothing but gossip: Oh, big whoop! There are way more important things going on than whose son likes to plow whose nephew's back 40. This is just a bunch of irrelevant gossip.
F. Allen, address unavailable

Changing of the GOP guard: Thanks for such a great article. As a young person, I identify myself as a Republican because I wholeheartedly support the ideals of the Republican Party.

Unfortunately, the party has been hijacked by wingnuts who believe that "individuals, not government, can make the best decisions" so long as that decision conforms to their world religious view and that government enacts laws enforcing that view.

I hope that there will be a changing of the guard in the Republican Party as baby boomers retire. [Then] young Republicans like Matt Salmon and Meghan McCain can return the party to its roots of small government, individual liberties and equality for all.
Name withheld

Commending Matt and Kent: Great story on these two courageous young men who share what it's like to "come out" in conservative, religious families. These families could use the support and education of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays).

Regardless, Matt and Kent are to be commended for sharing their personal stories so publicly so that the public can learn from them what it's like to young, gay adults today.
Name withheld

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