Genesis P-Orridge's pre-concert slam of Michele De LaFreniere...

I know P-Orridge was feeling a lot more mellow after the show, but the following press release sent to me this morning via PTV spokesperson Howard Wuelfing reflects P-Orridge's frustration at that point in the evening prior to the gig. It's unclear what happened at The Sets, and why it led to a move to The Rogue. Michele de LaFreniere gives her version of very recent events in a YouTube video by "sistermischif," here. Hard for me to hear what she says at the very end. Is she trying to blame The Sets thing on Anderson?

Last night, I recall P-Orridge telling me that two different Micheles approached her at some point while she was at the Rogue, and that both denied they'd made any threats to The Sets re: protests or whatever. P-Orridge explained that she didn't know what to believe, that they'd only been in AZ for the day. I'll keep trying to suss it out. It's not like we're talking about some big news here. Still, I wanna know.

Genesis speaks about the Phoenix controversy!

Dear Fans, and accidental enemies! WELL the unbelievable has happened. We chose to move our Arizona gig to a new location to defuse the complexities of Tom Anderson's Fifth Estate bathroom situation.

Despite this and expressing solidarity with our transgender sisters the person behind the protests at Andersons chose to secretly ring the new venue THE SETS and threaten the owners with disruption of our gig. WHY? We have no idea as it HAD been a victory for transgender rights.

As a result of the threats by Michelle LeFreniere the OWNERS of the building The Sets is in were afraid of violence and damage by the protesters. Despite there being a FULLY TOLERANT transgender AND transvestite bathroom policy here. Their insurance company threatened to withdraw coverage and evict The Sets. Now tell me what that does for Gay, Lesbian or Transgender RIGHTS?

All Michelle has now achieved is canceling Psychic TV's show in Arizona to serve her/his own secret egocentric agenda of media attention. If their concerns were tran rights WHY destroy a transgender gig we ask???

However, Psychic TV have a strong support system for genuine progress in INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS! And we are THRILLED to tell you we will STILL PLAY despite the eviction from The Sets due to irresponsible threats...



Be there or regret your loss of joy FOREVER!!!!!!

Given the change we will go on as near 11pm as POSSIBLE.

Please come to celebrate DIVERSITY not minority prejudice or negative intolerance.

GENESIS BREYER P-ORRIDGE 24x7 Transgender person!!!!!

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