Gilbert 5-Year-Old Finds Some Guns, Fires One in the Street

As if there was a need for more reasons for Arizona to be stereotyped as a state full of gun nuts, get a load of this one from the town of Gilbert -- a 5-year-old went shooting this weekend.

This wasn't a supervised shooting expedition, either. Police say the 5-year-old took a pair of guns while he was being watched by a babysitter -- "watched" being a relative term -- and a neighbor watched him fire one off in the street this weekend.

According to information provided by Gilbert PD, the neighbor called police to report the little boy shooting the gun shortly after 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

Police discovered that six children were being watched at the home -- near Guadalupe and Lindsay roads -- by a 27-year-old babysitter. Four of the kids lived at the home, while two of the kids were the babysitter's.

The 5-year-old went off to the master bedroom closet, found a shotgun and a 9mm handgun, and hauled them off to the front yard, according to police.

The boy dropped the handgun, but pointed the handgun east and fired. There's a Christian preschool about a block east of the home, but police say there were no injuries and no property damage anywhere as a result of the gun discharging.

Child Protective Services ended up coming to the house to investigate, but there hasn't been any significant action taken.

Just in case you need a PSA from GIlbert police about kids and guns, here it is:

The Gilbert Police Department urges adults and parents to talk to kids about the potential dangers of firearms, and firearm safety. Parents should take the time to teach their children what to do if they do come across a firearm. If the decision is made to keep a firearm in the home it is vital to ensure it remains out of the hands of those who cannot safely possess it. It is the firearm owner's responsibility to ensure their firearm does not fall into the wrong hands.

The safest way to store a firearm is unloaded in a firearm safe or locker. Other levels of security might include adding a trigger lock and storing ammunition in a separate location.

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