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Gilbert Man Beats Up 12-Year-old Step Son -- Then Forced Own Son to Join In

A Gilbert man was arrested Friday after police say he not only beat up his 12-year-old step son, but he forced his own 9-year-old son to join in on the beating.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the 9-year-old son of 42-year-old Dhafer Abdulkadhim Al-Terboshi came home from school on Friday complaining that his step-brother, 12, poked him in the eye and pushed him as the two were walking home from school.

Al-Terboshi was furious.

He took the two boys upstairs and told his biological son to beat the step son the same way he'd been beaten, which the son did, as his father looked on.

Once his son was done, pounding on the step son, it was Al-Terboshi's turn. According to court docs, as the victim was laying on his bed, Al-Terboshi kicked him in his arms and legs, and punched him several times in the back.

Fortunately, Al-Terboshi's live-in girlfriend found out what had happened. She called police, who responded to the scene, 3737 East Waite Lane in Gilbert, and arrested Al-Terboshi.

When cops got to the house, they found the step son covered in bruises and red marks. Both he and Al-Terboshi's biological son were interviewed by police and nearly identical stories.

Al-Terboshi admitted to police that he'd beaten the boy because he "was angry."

He's been charged with one count of child abuse.

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