Mecum's mug shot following his arrest for criminal speeding back in May
Mecum's mug shot following his arrest for criminal speeding back in May

GOPer Brett Mecum Called "Creepy Around Women" in Criminal Stalking Complaint

Arizona Republican Party Executive Director Brett Mecum is "creepy around women," according to a complaint filed with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

A criminal complaint, dredged up by the Yellow Sheet, was filed against Mecum last month, and it claims he used voter registration records to find a woman's address and crash a party at her house.

Check out the affidavit here.

An unidentified woman claims that she had a going-away party to celebrate being accepted to a graduate school on the East Coast. She had about 20 friends over but says in no way did she invite Mecum.

"He is rather creepy and intimidating around women, and I did not want to expose my guests to that kind of individual," the unidentified women claims in the complaint.

Mecum, according to the complaint, showed up anyway.

The woman says she never gave Mecum her address, nor did she think he even knew where she lived.

When she asked him how he found her address, she claims Mecum told her he had a staffer look it up on Voter Vault, a state voter-registration list.

Anyone familiar with the show Seinfeld probably remembers the episode where Jerry gets a woman's phone number by stealing it from an AIDS-walk list. What Seinfeld did borders on classless but certainly wasn't a crime. Unfortunately for Mecum, the allegation made in the complaint -- taking personal information off a voter-registration list -- is a class-six felony.

We put a call out to both Mecum and the Arizona Republican Party, but they haven't gotten back to us. However, Mecum tells Yellow Sheet the whole situation is just a result of his, um, fame.

"This is completely bogus. At the end of the day, I will be exonerated in all of this," Mecum tells Yellow Sheet. "This happens a lot in politics, unfortunately. When you have a high-profile job like mine, you sometimes make some enemies."

Mecum recently beat the rap on a criminal-speeding charge and seems to have some enemies over at Nik Richie's Scottsdale sleaze-rag The Dirty, who published some photos someone snapped of a person they say was Mecum, while he was dressed up like a chubby Captain Planet (see photo at right).

Mecum has not been charged, but sheriff's deputies are currently investigating the complaint.


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