Herman Cain Coming to Phoenix to Pucker Up For Joe Arpaio

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio met with leaders from the Methodist Border Mission Network at his Phoenix office this afternoon to discuss -- amongst other things -- some issues the group has with the sheriff's policies towards illegal immigration.

But that's not the big news -- the big news is that presidential candidate Herman Cain is coming to town next week to pucker up to Arpaio's derriere with the hopes that he'll endorse his candidacy.

"By the way...I have four presidential candidates, running for president, two have called, one has been here in this room," the sheriff inexplicably bragged to the Methodists during a discussion about immigration. "On Monday another one will be in this room talking to me. I'm talking about Herman Cain."

Given the recent problem's with the sheriff's 79-year-old memory, we figured we'd double check with MCSO spokesman Lieutenant Justin Griffin, who confirms to New Times that Cain and Arpaio are scheduled to meet on Monday.

And, of course, Griffin says the sheriff will likely hold a press conference.

Cain is just the latest GOP presidential candidate to pucker up for Arpaio.

Last month, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann came to Phoenix to beg for the sheriff's endorsement. According to Arpaio, Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney have also asked for his political nod.

Arpaio, as you're probably aware, is the face of the far-right-wing-nut crusade against illegal immigration, so his endorsement carries a lot of weight in a Republican primary.

The sheriff, however, has not said which candidate he'll endorse in the GOP primary -- probably because he's having way too much fun lately bragging about how presidential hopefuls acknowledge his existence.

We'll leave you with a fabulous Arpaio quote from this afternoon's meeting with the Methodists:

"I like all Mexicans -- I don't care what country they're from."

If anyone knows a Mexican from a country other than Mexico, please let us know.

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