Hot Links: Arpaio Uses Jail Funds for Clipping Service, Hawks Devour Suns, Hefner Bemoans Breakup with Madison.

By Stephen Lemons

Channel 12's Joe Dana catches Arpaio with paw in cookie jar. Feds consider ownership stakes in U.S. banks. NRA endorses McCain. No surprise there. McCain likes to shoot his mouth off. Valley bus driver passes out, plows bus into wall. Hawks eat up Suns in preaseason opener. KTAR's Burns claims he'd scalp Cards-Cowboy tix. Hefner in the dumps over split with gal-pal Holly Madison. Mesa lady prays away robbery perp. Scottsdale Motor Mile loses another dealership. Democratic Diva reams GOP JP candidate. And Angelina Jolie breastfeeds rugrat on mag cover. (Insert un-PC joke here.)

Arpaio uses jail funds for news clipping service.

Bush admin mulls ownership stakes in U.S. banks.

NRA endorses McCain.

Valley bus driver blacks out, drives bus into wall.

Hawks devour Suns in preseason opener, 100-96.

KTAR’s Burns: Sell those Cards-Cowboys tix.

Hef spills guts about breakup with Holly Madison.

Tucson school photog commits suicide in Mexico. Mesa woman runs off would be robber with prayer.

Power Pontiac closes doors on Scottsdale Motor Mile.

Democratic Diva rakes GOP JP candidate over the coals.

Angelina Jolie breastfeeds bambino on mag cover.

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