Correcting injustice: The city of Phoenix becomes the second Arizona city to create a domestic partner registry, making it easier for gay partners to visit each other in the hospital. Cops identify the suspects in a bar shooting near the University of Phoenix stadium. Is it possible to watch the video of the reporter throwing the shoe at Bush and not smile? Avondale town employees reportedly love working 10 long hours a day, four days a week. No more "Marshall Memos:" Former Scottsdale Progress publisher Jonathan Marshall dies at 84. Jail inmates supposedly on hunger strike to protest new meal costs -- but hey, how about that $315,000 fine on sheriff's Captain Joel Fox? Border's blames competition from Tempe Marketplace for forcing it to close its Mill Avenue store -- c'mon, that big store never had a chance at that location. Arizona State University to sell off Camp Tontozona, which is a shame because we always got a kick out of seeing the sign for it while driving north of Payson.

Hot Links: Domestic Partner Registry Coming to Phoenix; Suspects in Westgate Shooting IDd; Iraqis Demand Freedom for Shoe Thrower



 Iraqis demonstrate for release of reporter who throw shoe at Bush


Avondale town employees supposedly happy with four-day work week




Former Scottsdale Progress publisher Jonathan Marshall dies


Inmates plan hunger strike to protest meal costs


Mill Avenue Borders to close its doors in January


ASU to sell Camp Tontozona training camp near Payson

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