Hot Links: Hendershott Responsible for New Times Arrests, ASU Poll Shows Obama-McCain Tied in Arizona, Joaquin Phoenix Ditches Acting for Music.

By Stephen Lemons

Arpaio's Chief Deputy David Hendershott ordered arrests of Village Voice Media/New Times execs Lacey, Larkin, document claims. Somehow we're not surprised. New ASU/Channel 8 poll has Obama-McCain dead even in AZ. Same poll claims Arpaio out in front of Dan Saban. AP poll has Barack ahead in eight battleground states. Valley voters waiting up to 90 minutes to cast early ballots. Church group demands to see Arpaio jails report. Suns, Spurs clash tonight in season opener. World Series will resume this evening, if weather cooperates. Local restaurants robbed by "Cookie Bandit." (The one from Sesame Street?) And Joaquin Phoenix leaves acting for music. Remember, you ain't Johnny Cash, dood. You just played him in a movie.

Hendershott ordered arrests of VVM's Lacey, Larkin.

New ASU/Channel 8 poll has Obama-McCain in dead heat.

Same poll shows Arpaio leading Saban.

Obama ahead or tied in 8 battleground states.

Local voters wait up to 90 minutes to cast early ballots.

Valley Interfaith Project demands to see report on Joe’s jails.

Suns battle Spurs tonight in season opener.

Stroke reason for Olson’s leaving Wildcats.

World Series resumes this eve, hopefully.

“Cookie Bandit” terrorizes Valley eateries.

Kiddy prostitution dragnet nabs 59 in Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix quits acting for music.

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