Hot Links: Joe Arizona Bops Joe Arpaio, Romley Endorses Nelson, Charlton Calls Arpaio Sweeps Illegal, Airport Screeners Discover Human Skull.

By Stephen Lemons

Joe Arizona decries Joe Arpaio in new ads. Republican and ex-County Attorney Rick Romley backs Tim Nelson over Candy Thomas. Former U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton says Arpaio's sweeps are illegal. Wall Street takes another tumble. Phoenix city government slashes $100M-plus from budget. Suns quash Jazz, 96-89. Cowboys in town for donnybrook with Cards. South Phoenix residents want slaying solved. Latest State Fair indulgence: Fried M&Ms on a stick. Blue collar ofays picking Obama over McCain. Report on Palin Troopergate scandal kept quiet. And Tucson airport security finds human skull in lady's luggage. Didn't she know? The dead ride for free.

Joe Arizona blasts Joe Arpaio in new ads.

Republican Romley backs Dem Tim Nelson for County Attorney.

Arpaio’s sweeps illegal, says ex-U.S. Attorney Paul Charlton.

Phoenix slashes more than $100M from budget.

Wall Street suffers another huge hit.

Suns silence Jazz, 96-89.

Cowboys ride into town for shootout with Cards.

South Phoenix residents demand cops solve murder.

Deep-fried M&Ms on a stick new delicacy at State Fair.

Blue-collar Caucasians ditching McCain for Obama.

Report on Palin Troopergate scandal kept on the QT.

Tucson airport screeners find human skull in luggage.

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