Hot Links: Polls Say Obama Kicked Butt in Debate, Congressman's Son Hacked Sarah Palin's E-Mail, Nick Nolte Jumps From Window Fleeing Fire.

By Stephen Lemons

Obamarama edges out Old Man McCain in town hall, claims CNN poll. U.S. retirement funds fall by 20 percent. Local Dems fault County Board of Supervisors for jail accreditation loss. Federal judge tosses New Times suit against Candy Thomas. Chief Gascon says crime's down in Mesa. Big Stat expected back on Suns' court soon. Sun Devils-Trojans battle features backup QBs. House Democrat's kid responsible for hacking Sarah Palin's e-mail, allegedly. High tech chips protect Sand Land saguaros. Espresso Pundit blogs on Trib's self-evisceration. Tempe armored car guard held up in broad daylight. And Nick Nolte dives from window to save self from house fire.

Obama aced debate, says CNN poll.

Americans’ retirement funds plunge 20 percent.

Dems blame Board of Supes for jail accreditation loss.

Judge nixes New Times suit vs. County Attorney.

Chief Gascon claims crime down in Mesa.

Suns' Stoudemire expected back on court soon.

Second string QBs square off in Sun Devils-Trojans game.

Congressman’s son hacked Palin’s e-mail, feds allege.

Computer chips to track stolen saguaros.

Espresso Pundit opines on Trib's staff-gutting.

Tempe armored car guard robbed in broad daylight.

Nick Nolte jumps from window to escape fire at home.

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