Hot Links: Tony Alamo Arrested in Flagstaff, Dowling Sues County for $1.75M, Man Videotapes Chupacabra, McCain Says It's On Like Donkey Kong..

By Stephen Lemons

Cultish pastor Tony Alamo nabbed in northern Arizona by FBI. At first McCain was flakin', now he's headed for debate. Dowling sues Arpaio and county for $1.75M. Supes not allowing public comment in do-over meeting. Postseason hopes dashed for D-Backs. Citizen's Denogean finds clergy who oppose gay-marriage ban. Tim Nelson touts prosecutorial support. WaMu fails, taken over by JP Morgan. Sand Land man claims he has video of chupacabra. Dude cuts cheese on cop, draws battery charge. Patient goes to doc for circumcision, doc removes penis, no extra charge...

Wacko pastor Tony Alamo arrested in Flagstaff motel on child sex charges.

Dowling to sue Arpaio and county for $1.75 million.

Public comment barred in county Supes’ do-over meeting.

Tim Nelson touts ex-prosecutors who back him for County Attorney.

The big question: Will McCain kiss off debate tonight?

UPDATE: The word from McCain's camp as of this a.m. is, "Hell yeah."

No postseason for D-backs after 12-3 loss to St. Louis.

Trib’s Tulumello analyzes Warner’s play for Cards.

Citizen’s Denogean on clergy who oppose gay-marriage ban.

WaMu collapses, JP Morgan acquires assets.

Sand Land man says video shows chupacabra.

Suspect passes gas on officer, draws battery charge, briefly.

Patient checks in for circumcision, doctor removes penis.

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