How to Make Sure Your Kid Has the Most Boring Prom Ever, Compliments of SADD

Spring has sprung, which means one thing for high school seniors and tuxedo-rental stores: prom season.

No prom is complete without the risk of a potential unplanned pregnancy coming nine months after the big night, and nothing helps an able-bodied teen get laid quite like booze.

However, the fun-police at Students Against Drunk Driving want your kids' prom to be booze free, and they have a few suggestions to make sure that happens.

"Some view prom and graduation night as 'rite of passage' that should be celebrated with the use of alcohol," says Jessica Smith, state coordinator for SADD. "Underage drinking poses many risks. Alcohol can damage the developing teen brain, and has taken more young lives than tobacco and illicit drugs combined. Remind your teen that they know how and are being trusted to make smart choices, and they have a family that loves and supports them."

Some of Smith's suggestions include remembering "that you are the primary influence on your children," setting clear rules about drinking and spelling out the consequences for breaking those rules, and offering to host a booze-free post-prom party for your children and their friends.

Under no circumstance, Smith says, should you rent a hotel room for your kids for post-prom partying. And you should check with parents of other kids having parties to make sure no alcohol will be present.

All of this advice probably will guarantee that you won't be dubbed the cool parent, but it will also help guarantee that you won't become an unexpected grandparent -- or have to pick up your alcohol-poisoned kid at the hospital.

For more info on how to ruin your kid's prom, click here.

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