It Hailed in Phoenix. So, Naturally, TV News Stations Freaked Out

There's no denying that hail storms are cool...when you're in one. Reading about hail isn't quite as exciting.

That's not stopping local TV news stations from filling their Web sites with stories about hail.

As you're probably aware, it hailed today. Local TV news stations seem to think it's the apocalypse.

The top three headlines on ABC 15's Web site right now are "Now: Heavy Rain Moves into Phoenix Area," "PHOTOS! Hail Hits the Valley," and "Flooding, Fire, Hail Hits the Valley."

KPHO also found today's weather relevant enough to warrant three stories. Those headlines, each featured at the top of the page, include "Hail Piles Up in North Phoenix," "Water Puddles Develop in North Phoenix," and "Rain Storm in North Phoenix."

Just to break that down, hail, puddles and a rain storm are leading the news on KPHO right now.

It should be noted, in order to get to any non-hail-related news on either Web site, you actually have to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Here's the Phoenix New Times official weather report for today: it's not a million fucking degrees outside, which is awesome.

Is it really that slow of a news day that some hail isn't just leading, but dominating the local news right now? Do KPHO and ABC 15 think that anyone affected by the hail doesn't already know that it hailed? Who in their right mind is bored enough to read articles about puddles and hail?

If you're reading this, you just answered our question.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.