It's Been One Year Since Joe Arpaio's Birthday Was "Ruined" by Blind People

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio turns 79 today -- which marks the one-year anniversary of his birthday getting "ruined" by blind people.

On the sheriff's 78th birthday, he pouted all day because the National Convention for Guide Dog Users gave Joe the boot as its keynote speaker at a convention in Phoenix.

"The decision to boycott me from this national convention has ruined my birthday," Arpaio whined on his Twitter page a year ago today.

For his 79th, the sheriff seems a little more upbeat.

"Busy work day ahead. Even on my birthday nothing changes," he wrote on his Twitter page this morning.

The sheriff will spend his big day partying with Senate President Russell Pearce and other supporters at a fundraiser at PR honcho Jason Rose's "beautiful" Paradise Valley home -- and you could, too, if you want to cough up $150 for a photo with Arpaio and are willing to take the mandatory three-hour shower you're gonna need after hanging with this slimy crowd.

The Arizona Democratic Committee has calculated the bill for Joe's big party, noting that "the AZGOP sure has a funny approach to fiscal conservatism. Whatever they raise tonight at this fancy fundraiser will be nothing compared to what Sheriff Joe has cost county taxpayers. We need a sheriff focused on safer streets instead of political vendettas, publicity, and pricey lawsuits."

See a breakdown of the expenses -- compliments of the Arizona Democratic Party -- below.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.