Jan Brewer DENIED: IRC Chair Colleen Mathis Reinstated

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's incompetent overreach of power in removing the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission's chairwoman Colleen Mathis -- one aided and abetted by former state Senate President Russell Pearce's "Tea Party Senate" -- has been overturned by the Arizona Supreme Court, which today reinstated Mathis as chair.

You'll recall that on November 1, in a putrid act of political skullduggery, Brewer called a special session of the Arizona Legislature (done while Brewer was out-of-state pimping her pathetic ghostwritten memoir Scorpions for Breakfast -- currently ranked a lame #11,656 on Amazon.com) to boot Mathis for fictitious allegations of "gross misconduct" and "neglect of duty."

This foolhardy move was pulled without a timely notice to the public or the press, a near-dictatorial act, one Brewer had no grounds for. 

Indeed, in a subsequent radio interview with Alan Colmes, our mentally-challenged chief executive couldn't even explain what it was that Mathis had done that was supposedly inappropriate:

COLMES:What did Colleen do that was inappropriate, Colleen Mathis?

BREWER:Well she acted, uh, inappropriately. Well it was very, pretty much obvious that she in communications, and doing things, uh, not in the public, and the people of Arizona deserve that...

COLMES: You mean she was doing things secretly? Like what?

BREWER: They just simply need to operate in a lawful and open fashion...

COLMES: I'm trying to understand what she did. What are you accusing her of having done?

BREWER: Well, she wasn't operating in the proper manner.

Now it's the Supremes who've made a call on who wasn't operating in the "proper manner." After oral arguments today, the Supremes issued the following order:

Having considered the filings in this matter by the petitioner, the intervenor, the respondents, and the amici curiae, and the arguments of counsel, 

1. The Court accepts jurisdiction of the petition for special action, having concluded that it has jurisdiction under Article 6, Section 5(1) of the Arizona Constitution; 

2. The Court concludes that the issues presented in this matter are not political questions and are therefore justiciable. See Brewer v. Burns 

3. The Court concludes that the letter of November 1, 2011, from the Acting Governor to the intervenor Colleen Mathis does not demonstrate "substantial neglect of duty, gross misconduct in office, or inability to discharge the duties of office" by the intervenor Mathis, as required under Article 4, Part 2, Section 1(10) of the Arizona Constitution; 

Therefore, the Court grants the relief requested by the intervenor Mathis and orders that she be reinstated as chair of the Independent Redistricting Commission. 

The Court in due course will issue an opinion more fully detailing its reasoning in this matter.

Translation for someone as monosyllabic as Brewer: IN YOUR FACE!

Too bad we lack a realistic remedy for removing this gubernatorial boob from power. She's an embarrassment to the state, to democracy and to the office she holds. 

Moreover, she's a wimp, with no stomach for press conferences. She's such a freaking moron that her handlers dare never allow her to have regular press events, knowing that she only has two feet and they are both surgically connected to her lizard-like tongue.

Brewer may still pull shenanigans, despite the court's order. So stay tuned. And for all the gnarly details on the AIRC drama, as always, check out Steve Muratore's Arizona Eagletarian blog, which tans the MSM's britches when it comes to reportage on the commission.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.