Janet Napolitano, our former governor and current Homeland Security secretary, is taking heat from a think-tank that accuses her of making the federal government's crackdown of illegal immigrants even more efficient.

In an article that clearly takes issue with Napolitano's directives in her first weeks as boss of Homeland Security, Americas Program Report writer predicts Napolitano will do nothing but disappoint folks who want cops to cut illegal immigrants a break. (A thesis familiar to readers of New Times). Americas Program is a "studies center" funded by the Center for International Policy, a group founded in 1975 by anti-Vietnam War activists.

Here's a sample:

Janet Napolitano "Finessing Immigrant Crackdown," Says Left-Wing Think-Tank

Instead of rejecting the enforcement-only approach as inhumane, Napolitano seems intent on rationalizing and finessing the crackdown launched by her predecessor, while making improvements around the edges.

The article notes that Napolitano clearly plans to push through a requirement -- supported by President Obama -- to electronically check the immigration status of potential employees, "rather than rejecting it, as immigrant-rights, civil-libertarian, and labor organizations advocate."

Give left-wingers a good year of Napolitano's efficiencies and they'll be probably be calling her a "storm trooper" -- the headline of one of Barry's previous articles about former Homeland Security chief, Michael Chertoff.

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