Jesse James, Husband of Oscar-Winner Sandra Bullock, in Arizona for Sex Rehab; Why Would he Go Anywhere Else?

Welcome to Arizona, the sex-rehab capitol of the world.

Jesse James, the bad-boy biker husband of Sandra Bullock, has reportedly checked into a sex-rehab center near Tucson after Bullock was blindsided with the news that James was having sex with the inked up, Nazi-sympathizing tattoo artist, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, while Bullock was filming the movie The Blind Side.  

Bullock won the Academy Award for her role in the flick, and in a tragic case of irony, used her acceptance speech to thank her wonderful husband just days before the news of his wayward wiener broke.

The Sierra Tucson rehab facility didn't immediately return our call this morning but confirms to TMZ that James has checked into the facility.

This comes just days after law enforcement officials told the gossip site that James was pulled over in California and told officers he was going to Arizona to "try and save [his] marriage."

We would suggest that a better way to save his marriage doesn't require a trip to Arizona, but rather he just stop banging women that aren't his wife. It seems, however, that the only way to repair a celebrity marriage rattled by infidelity is with a clinical diagnosis. 

James seems to be taking cues from other "sex-addict" celebs like Tiger Woods and David Duchovny, who have also sought treatment for their compulsive cocks in Arizona.

Duchovny checked into The Meadows in Wickenburg a few years ago for help with his, um, affliction, and we all know about Tiger's trysts with Arizona sex rehab centers -- if not, click here.

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