Joe Arpaio and the "Birther" Gang Gather at the Capitol, Where Carl Seel Likened His "Birther" Bill to Women's Suffrage

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the "birther" gang -- now including legislators -- held a press conference at the capitol today to push state Representative Carl Seel's "birther" bill.

Seel's bill, as you may recall, is the watered-down, penis-free version of last year's bill, which  forces presidential candidates to sign a sworn affidavit that they're eligible in order to appear on the state's ballot.

The bill also allows any qualified elector to challenge the affidavits in court, and it comes with an emergency clause -- just to be sure someone could create yet another statewide embarrassment by November if the governor were to sign the thing.

Today's press conference made it pretty clear (as if it wasn't already) that the bill is aimed at President Obama, as people are still trying to push the continuously debunked conspiracy that the president was born in another country.

Arpaio and Seel were joined by "birther" squad lead investigator Mike Zullo, Representative David Burnell Smith, Senator Lori Klein, and some tea party folks to speak on behalf of Seel's bill. State Representative Jack Harper was also in the audience, as was infamous conspiracy nut Jerome Corsi.

Seel explained he was holding the press conference to bring some awareness to his bill, which is currently stuck in a Senate committee he claims it should be withdrawn from.

Seel claims he has enough Senators committed to voting in favor of his bill, but blamed a few people, including Senate President Steve Pierce, for not getting his bill on the road to passage.

At one point, Seel declared that it was "fitting and appropriate" to discuss his "birther" bill in the Senate chamber at the old capitol, as it's right across the hall from where legislators once debated giving women the right to vote.

"It couldn't be more American," Seel said of his bill.

Arpaio didn't talk about Seel's bill too much, just saying that he favored it, and regurgitated some more of the conspiracy theory that came as a result of his "Cold Case Posse" investigation into President Obama's eligibility.

To the surprise of no one, Arpaio said he hasn't gotten a response from the head of the Selective Service -- whom Arpaio asked to investigate the president's registration -- but noted that he'll continue to ask other law-enforcement agencies for help in the "investigation."

Arpaio also claimed there's a total "media blackout" and "censorship" on the topic of his investigation into Obama -- which isn't true, considering what we have filed under "Birthers (sigh)."

Zullo was also prepared to give some sort of abbreviated version of the "birther" investigation results, but a laptop malfunction got us out of that one.

Seel said his bill's likely toast if it's not heard by Monday, and urged the public to call up legislators to let them know how you feel about it.

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