Joe Arpaio Can Stop You If "You Look Like You Just Came from Mexico," and KTAR Forgets Who Used to Be Guv

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Here's the latest walnut of wisdom from Maricopa County's tin-pot tyrant of a sheriff, courtesy of CBS 5/KPHO. It pretty much falls in line with many of the dumb as dirt statements Arpaio's made on Glenn Beck and elsewhere recently regarding how he will magically pinpoint illegal aliens during his anti-brown dragnets:

"Certain criteria; no identification, look like you just came from Mexico, and they admit it, so that's enough," said Arpaio. "We had no problem in identifying the people that we stopped."

Channel 5 called him on it, but our wattled wonder of a lawman wasn't available for a rebuttal. So Arpaio's handlers claimed to Channel 5 reporter Sarah Buduson that the sheriff just misunderstood. You know, grampa didn't take his Geritol that day, so he wasn't 100 percent.

Buduson interviewed Bill Straus, regional director of the Arizona Anti-Defamation League, who agreed that what the sheriff had just admitted to was racial profiling. Which just happens to be the very thing the U.S. Justice Department is investigating him for. (Boy, is its job gonna be easy!)

"Stopping people because of their appearance -- that's profiling," Straus stated, emphatically.

Bingo, Bill.

But who, oh, who is gonna stop our out-of-control, liver-spotted autocrat? Barack Obama? ICE head John Morton? His boss and DHS head Janet Napolitano? Attorney General Eric Holder? Superman? The Green Hornet? Billy Jack...?

Speaking of Janet Napolitano, seems the journos over at wingnut central (aka, KTAR 92.3 FM) are getting their Janets mixed up. Check out this flub from their news short, "More criticism aimed at Arpaio's crime sweeps":

"Arpaio still has support from at least one Arizona official. Republican Senator John McCain is questioning Homeland Security Chief and former Arizona Governor, Janet Brewer, for taking away the sheriff's federal arrest privileges.

"Brewer and the Obama administration recently made changes to the 287g agreement, which allowed Arpaio to conduct crime sweeps to detain illegal immigrants. The changes revoked Arpaio's privileges under federal law to conduct crime sweeps."

Actually, that's two flubs, because our governor's name is "Janice Brewer," not "Janet Brewer," which must be some unholy hybrid, like Republicrat, or Democans.

At first, I thought maybe KTAR's morning lip-flapper Darrell Ankarlo had written it, what with that brain shake-up he's had and all. But no, it took a double byline to write this ditty (Jeremy Foster and Brandon Donahoo), and neither fella is Ankarlo.

Don't sweat it, chums. Heck, we all make mistakes. Why, Maricopa County elected Joe Arpaio to a fifth term. So no one's perfect.  

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.