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Joe Arpaio, DeeDee Blase, and Her Shrill Attacks on Paul Penzone

Local activist and Mike Stauffer for Sheriff supporter DeeDee Blase has been of great assistance to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of late.

Sure, she's garnered a spoonful of media interest for protesting the church Arpaio attends in Fountain Hills, along with a handful of others. But that's nothing compared to her incessant, unhinged attacks on Arpaio's Democratic opponent, former Phoenix Police Sergeant Paul Penzone.

By supporting Stauffer, a goofy former Scottsdale Police Department lieutenant who's running as an Independent against both Penzone and Arpaio, Blase is, in her small way, helping to split the anti-Arpaio vote, making it more likely Arpaio will win come November.

Blase is essentially a political gadfly. I'll be the first to give her credit for doing good work in the past. But she has marginalized herself over the years by consistently alienating her political allies.

Normally, I would not give the bizarre rants she's been posting to the aggregate Tucson Citizen website, much shrift.

But the Internet is the great leveler. Someone like Blase, who appears uninterested in the facts, can, simply by posting a blog, disseminate misinformation to a mass audience. And that misinformation gets repeated like a game of telephone till some poor sods actually believe it.

Recently, Blase or one of her confederates obtained a copy of Penzone's personnel file, and she's been doling it out in drips and drabs.

(If you're interested, you can read the entire 298 pages, here. Be warned, it is a very large file, and is not in chronological order.)

Penzone's jacket is full of commendations, but you wouldn't know that by paying attention to Blase, who intentionally misrepresents what little she offers her readers.

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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
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