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Joe Arpaio Doc Two Americans Rocks Harkins for One Week Only

Word is, Sheriff Joe is freaking out. Republicans who have supported him for years are jumping ship to back his Democratic rival Paul Penzone. As a result, his poll numbers are consistently in the doldrums, under 50 percent.

He's been forced to buy up a load of local TV time to run a creepy, dishonest, anti-Penzone ad, while Penzone has gone all guerilla-warfare on the octogenarian autocrat, running radio spots on right-wing KFYI, appealing to Republicans.

Despite all of Joe's cash, despite going negative and sending out voter-suppression robocalls, despite 20 years as sheriff (or more likely, because of those 20 years), and in spite of a third-wheel stooge in the race who could pass for Patton Oswalt's senile dad, Arpaio is facing the very real possibility of forced exile to Fountain Hills, where his wife Ava has a backlog of honey-dos waiting for him.

See also: -Best Immigration Documentary - 2012 Two Americans -Joe Arpaio Laughs as a Little Girl Cries -Joe Arpaio: Tent City a "Concentration Camp" By any margin, no matter how thin, victory for Penzone would be a massive thunderclap rolling across Arizona, and then the nation, signaling an end to two decades of Hugo Chavez-like tyranny in this county.

Which is why Two Americans is the film to see this weekend.

A documentary that's been years in the making by co-directors Daniel DeVivo and Valeria Fernandez, the film masterfully weaves together the story of a political opportunist and megalomaniac with that of Katherine Figueroa, a young girl, whose parents are arrested in one of Arpaio's immigrant-hunting sweeps.

Check out the trailer for Two Americans, then go see it while you can

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