Joe Arpaio Dogged by the "New England Dennis Gilman," and the Arizona Gilman's Latest

If you ask me, journalism needs more Chris Kings

I think I've discovered the New England version of our own fightin' Irishman and rogue videographer Dennis Gilman. Either that, or Gilman is the Sand Land version of Chris King, a lawyer/activist who apparently stays hot on the heels of New England politicos, posting regularly to YouTube and his blog "Chris King's 1st Amendment Page."

King produced the above video covering Sheriff Joe Arpaio's recent visit to Nashua, New Hampshire, where the crotchety cop bloviated to some GOP group there. Based upon this trip, numerous dunderheads in the national and local media -- with the thought safely lodged in their noggins by Joe's political operative Chad Willems -- have suggested that Grampa Joe is "testing the waters" for a presidential run in 2012.

Gilman's latest, savaging Governor Jan Brewer

Which of course, will happen the same day that polar bears migrate en masse to Yuma.

Anyway, King's video is entertaining mainly because of what happens to him: A GOP hausfrau whacks his camera with a pamphlet; some Republican crone orders him out of the building; and the local cops force him to amscray under threat of arrest, even though he's credentialed and there are plenty of other media types there. The video's a tad long at 12 minutes-plus, but worth every second.

Basically, these folks don't like King because of what he reports and posts. I feel your pain, senor. Consider it a badge of honor that they booted you out.

I've also posted Gilman's latest YouTube video, which borrows heavily from local newscasts and from the gubernatorial debate where Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard slices up Governor Jan Brewer over the recent escapees from that private prison in Kingman. 

In some ways, it's one of Gilman's simpler videos, yet it finds its target with all the certainty of a bazooka gunning down a watermelon. Well done.

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