Feathered Bastard

Joe Arpaio Henchman Bill Montgomery Milks CIR While Separating Parents from Children

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is gettin' real popular with some in the pro-immigration reform crowd.

Never mind that he collaborates with Sheriff Joe Arpaio in prosecuting undocumented workers, while ignoring those who hire them.

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Never mind that he is holding mothers, fathers, grandpas, and grandmas nonbondable in Arpaio's gulags, so as to coerce pleas that will make them deportable and barred from re-entering the country for 10 years or more.

Never mind that he looks the other way as white college kids guilty of the same crime of forgery or using another's identity -- to score booze instead of jobs -- are hit with misdemeanors.

With a national immigration reform bill on the way, there are some local groups and panels so devoid of conscience that they're welcoming this Janus-faced Mack the Knife with open arms, forgiving or forgetting his victimization of a whole class of people.

Below are a few of the events where Monty will be selling himself as some sort of moderate on immigration.

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