Joe Arpaio: I Have Friends! So Many Friends! (On the Internet)

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio put out a press release today to brag about how many friends he has on the Internet -- again.

We're not aware of any 15-year-old girls who run large law-enforcement agencies, but we're pretty sure this is the exact kind of thing they'd write a press release about if they did.

This is the second annual update of Arpaio's Internet-friend count, since he claimed 110,000 last year -- which we calculated to be totally bull.

Arpaio's now citing 200,000 friends on the interwebs, and the numbers actually check out.

Still, it's the second year in a row Arpaio left out the number of followers of the "People against Sheriff Joe Arpaio" page, which has risen to more than 107,000.

They also have this picture on the page:

Arpaio says he "commonly uses the popular web sites (Facebook and Twitter) to make the public aware of news releases and public safety announcements.

Actually, Arpaio -- who still uses the MCSO technology known as a typewriter -- said last year, "I don't use computers"...on his Twitter page.

"At first, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was reluctant to use social media and technology to talk about the day to day occurrences surrounding him and his office," the sheriff's office says. "These days however, the Sheriff appreciates the true value of being able to speak directly to those that he serves rather than hoping that the mainstream media gets it right.

Like the time he issued a press release to announce he wouldn't be giving any additional publicity to "Occupy Phoenix" protesters.

Or "MCSO technology" leading to the arrest of an inmate who escaped from an MCSO jail, even though the sheriff's office had absolutely nothing to do with tracking him down.


Moral of the story: Arpaio's the coolest cat on the web, two years running.

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