Joe Arpaio Nabs Six Illegal Immigrants -- Now He Wants a Thank You

Maricopa County's corrupt top cop, Joe Arpaio, is boasting about six illegal immigrants his deputies arrested yesterday -- he's so impressed with himself, in fact, he wants a thank you.

The immigrant roundup went down in the north Valley. The Sheriff's Office says the immigrants paid smugglers $2,000 to bring them to the United States.

The immigrants were reportedly heading to Tennessee, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Arpaio thinks those states need to show him a little love.

"I would hope that the officials from these other states would start to help me, or at least thank me, for stopping all of these illegal aliens from entering their states," Arpaio says in a statement.

The only people who should be thanking Arpaio for anything are the Maricopa County-funded attorneys who can probably put their kids through college thanks to the sheriff's multiple misdeeds.

As Arpaio continues his quest to rid Arizona of immigrants -- a small handful of the roughly 500,000 living in the state -- he's cost county taxpayers about $50 million defending against lawsuits filed against the MCSO since his reign over the agency began in 1993.

Arpaio actually managed to blow $750,000 in taxpayer money in less than 24 hours last week in settling two separate lawsuits filed against the MCSO.

Read all about the MCSO's $750,000 day right here.

The Sheriff's Office says Arpaio is planning another immigrant roundup sometime soon -- a time frame that's probably code for immediately following the next time the MCSO costs taxpayer (a.k.a. voters) hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal settlements and needs a PR boost.

Which is bound to be soon.

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