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Joe Arpaio Recall Claims 200,359 Valid Signatures with 38 Days and Counting

Respect Arizona, the group attempting to recall Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office, may yet prove the naysayers wrong.

At a press conference Monday in downtown Phoenix, about 20 members of the group gathered to announce that, so far, they have collected 200,359 valid signatures to recall Sheriff Joe.

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That total is up from Respect Arizona's last announcement on April 4, when RA's campaign manager, Lilia Alvarez, informed supporters that RA had 169,283 verified signatures from qualified county electors, more than half of the 335,317 signatures needed to force a recall election.

Join the fight to remove Sheriff Joe Arpaio from office.

Respect Arizona's deadline to turn in its petitions to Maricopa County Elections is May 30, leaving 38 days to garner the 134,958 valid signatures, or around 3,551 signatures per day, needed to meet its goal.

That's not including a necessary cushion of additional signatures to cover those that inevitably will be tossed by elections officials for one reason or another.

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