America's "toughest" sheriff -- not so tough on child molesters...
America's "toughest" sheriff -- not so tough on child molesters...

Joe Arpaio Resignation Drive Endorsed by Congressman Ed Pastor

Congressman Ed Pastor of Arizona's 4th District has joined the ranks of Sand Land politicians calling for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's resignation over the MCSO's mishandling of more than 400 sex crimes cases in El Mirage, many involving child victims.

Today, Pastor's office released the following statement endorsing plans by some on the City of Guadalupe's Town Council to introduce a resolution calling for Arpaio to take a powder.

"I stand united with my constituents and town officials of Guadalupe in support of the Guadalupe Resolution calling for the resignation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio," Pastor said.

Pastor's announcement makes him the third elected official and the second congressman to call for Arpaio's head. (See note below.)

U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva was first, and yesterday, state Representatives Ruben Gallego and Katie Hobbs joined the growing (and so-far Democratic) bandwagon.

The MCSO has long provided police protection for the square-mile town of Guadalupe, but the MCSO's presence has also been controversial. 

Guadalupe has unsuccessfully sought alternatives to its contract with the MCSO heretofore.

Citizens for a Better Arizona, the group that successfully recalled ex-state Senate President Russell Pearce, has been pressuring Pastor to act, and CBA is pushing the resolution Guadalupe will inevitably consider.

Thing is, according to Guadalupe town councilman Andrew Sanchez, formerly a victim of the MCSO's retaliation for his anti-Arpaio activism, the resolution is not currently on the agenda, having been successfully blocked by Guadalupe Mayor Yolanda Solarez.

Sanchez told me this morning that the resolution will likely still be the topic of public comments, but that it may have to wait to January to be formally introduced and discussed.

Nevertheless, activists are encouraging folks to come out to the Guadalupe's city council meeting tonight. 

Seems folks want to raise hell about Arpaio's scandal du jour, even if this one has been out there in the local press for a while, despite the AP's recent regurgitation of it. 

And considering the subject matter, who can blame them?

NOTE: CBA has released a longer list of names of Democratic politicians calling for Arpaio's scalp. I quote this list below, though with the caveat that I have not yet been able to verify everyone who is listed.

U.S. Representatives

Congressman Raul Grijalva

Congressman Ed Pastor

State Legislators

Rep. Katie Hobbs

Rep. Ruben Gallego

Rep. Daniel Patterson

Rep. Chad Campbell

Rep. Catherine Miranda

Rep. Tom Chabin

Sen. David Schapira

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema

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