Joe Arpaio Supporter Jim Gilchrist Takes Swipe at Ron Paul "Fanatics" and Every Other Nativist on the Planet

The one thing you can always count on with minutemen, nativists and neo-Nazis is more backstabbing than backstage at a Miss America Pageant. This video from VronRN2 of a conversation between anti-racist YouTuber Naui Ocelotl Huitzilopochtli (try saying that three times fast) and minuteman Jim Gilchrist is a perfect example. It took place outside a fundraiser in Anaheim, California for Orange County sheriff's candidate Bill Hunt. The star attraction at the event? An appearance by our own Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Gilchrist gets catty while talking to Naui

Gilchrist is a former supporter of alleged kid-killer Shawna Forde, and co-founder of the Minuteman Project along with his now-enemy, U.S. Senate dark horse (and man, do I mean "dark") Chris Simcox. The Minuteman Project's board of directors, which included infamous California nativist Barbara Coe, fired Gilchrist from his own organization in 2007, claiming Gilchrist had embezzled funds, which Gilchrist denied. Gilchrist sued those who'd axed him, but later dropped the suit and started a new group named "Jim Gilchrist's Minuteman Project," just in case any of his underlings got any funny ideas.

The California minuteman obviously has a rapport with far-left videographer Naui, and it makes for an interesting exchange, even though the video is a little long and filled with the sort of inside baseball that only hardcore minutemen or minutemen-foes would be familiar with. In it, Gilchrist takes swings at volatile, bikini-wearing San Dego minuteman Jeff Schwilk, Tar Heel nativist William Gheen of ALIPAC, and Ron Paul supporters, whom he calls "fanatics," which, you have to admit sounds better than "wackjobs."

"I used to support Ron Paul," Gilchrist tells Naui, "until I had this falling out with these Ron Paul fanatics. They're not all that way, just too many. The ones that I've met, who are very hateful people, have no business supporting Ron Paul."

To tell you the truth, I have to concur with his assessment of many of Congressman Paul's slavish worshippers. There are a lot in Arizona, and at times their adoration of Paul seems almost cult-like. I should note that Paul will be in Phoenix soon for Ernie Hancock's libertarian "Freedom Summit" at the Sheraton Crescent Resort December 4 through December 6. I get the feeling Hancock's crew would crown Paul king of America if they could.

Gilchrist also goes after the aforementioned Gheen, alleging Gheen's ticked at him because Gilchrist wouldn't turn over his e-mail lists. What's funny about all of this infighting is that it's not restricted to just a few in the nativist movement. They all seem to hate each other more than they hate Mexican migrants.

"It's something called the `Minuteman wars,'" Gilchrist schools Naui. "There are all these minuteman groups that are trying to destroy each other out of personality disorders, [or] just hate for the competition."

Heh. And this is the crowd that's supposed to be all about patriotism, loyalty, God and country. What a joke.

In the video, Naui gets the last word, telling the camera person, "Every time Gilchrist speaks, there's more fighting. We love it!"

Yep, it is a beautiful thing, watching these nudniks eat each other alive. All I need is popcorn, some Jordan Almonds, and 44oz Diet Coke. Better than professional wrestling on its best day.

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