Joe Arpaio Upset That the CEO of Craigslist Won't Write Him Back, So He Wrote Him Another Bestiality-Themed Letter

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio wrote to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster a year ago about two guys -- one of whom was an elementary school music teacher -- who were surfing the website trying to find a dog to have sex with.

Buckmaster apparently doesn't want to be pen-pals with Arpaio, because he never responded to the letter.

That's OK, because Arpaio's boys in beige found more people on the website trying to have sex with dogs this year, so Arpaio wrote Buckmaster another letter.

Of course, he's letting everyone know about it by putting out a press release.

"Buckmaster must accept greater responsibility for his company and stop hiding behind excuses," Arpaio says in the release. "But I believe it is far more likely that Buckmaster will go right on ignoring my pleas to improve Craig's List or try to solve the problems his popular website is causing."

In the most recent (second) incident of Arpaio's investigators finding people trying to have sex with animals via Craigslist, a husband, wife, and their friend were arrested on felony charges of conspiracy to commit bestiality.

Arpaio says deputies will continue to monitor Craigslist for the wannabe animal-humpers, so you may want to pick a new website if you're into that kind of thing.

In the letter itself, Arpaio makes it clear he's upset Buckmaster never wrote him back, and thinks Buckmaster's at fault for providing the forum.

"Your failure to make improvements to your procedures; and your refusal to even respond to my communication reads volumes," Arpaio's letter states. "You are essentially providing a platform for the propagation of unconscionable behavior."

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