Joe Arpaio's Birther Friends Helping Fund Awful Pro-Arpaio TV Ads

Remember those awful pro-Sheriff Joe Arpaio TV ads running on Fox News?

Well, Arpaio's conspiracy-theorist friends from "WorldNetDaily" are helping raise the money to purchase the "next phase" of horrendous ads to air on local channels.

There's a pretty solid connection between Sheriff Joe Arpaio and "WorldNetDaily" -- which hosts alleged MCSO "special deputy" Jerome Corsi -- as the conspiracy-theory website been a driving force behind Arpaio's "birther" investigation from day one.

12News reporter Brahm Resnik was brave enough to put his email address into a form on the WorldNetDaily website, and sure enough, he was hit with an ad from "Americans for Sheriff Joe."

"WND occasionally sends emails like this one to introduce major advertisers to our loyal readers and valued customers," the disclaimer/explanation says. "Please note: Political ads are run as a public service and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of WND."

Considering the number of times WND writers have firmly planted their lips on Arpaio's ass, it would appear that the pro-Arpaio ad is reflecting the opinions of WND.

But good news for anyone who has money to waste, Americans for Sheriff Joe is just $38,546.31 short of getting the ads up on more channels.

"It's imperative that we start airing positive ads about Sheriff Joe in the next few days," the fundraising ad says. "We need to remind the voters of Maricopa County, Arizona of how effective and strong Joe is. We need to push back against all the negative attacks the liberals are launching at Joe before voters start to believe them."

The method of showing "how effective and strong Joe is" includes John Philip Sousa IV -- the guy who's running the committee -- purportedly crossing the border between Mexico and the United States "to demonstrate how easy it is for illegals to cross."

For those unaware, there are exactly zero border fences between Mexico and the United States located in Maricopa County, which is probably the case because we don't live on the border.

Corsi's running the show on fabricating "evidence" for Arpaio's "birther" investigation, although everyone involved has refused multiple questions about how much money everyone's making off the sideshow.

That said, don't be surprised if you don't see more of these painful-to-watch ads popping up on your television set in the near future:

On a side note, our reader poll showed that on a scale of 1-10, about 84 percent of New Times' loyal readers think the Arpaio ads are a "10" -- the "cream of the crap."

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