Joe Arpaio's Flip-Flop: MCSO Suddenly Not Arresting "Illegals," but Rescuing Thirsty Men

Sheriff Joe Arpaio suddenly no longer is an anti-immigrant tough guy, at least according to his newest press release, which is extraordinarily politically correct.

Usually, a press release from Arpaio will describe how many "illegals" were arrested by the MCSO's Human Smuggling Unit, with their names, photos, and sometimes even a picture of all the people still crammed into the car during the ride over the border -- but not this time, after federal Judge G. Murray Snow's ruling that MCSO has to stop racial-profiling practices.

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Now, men, not "illegals" or "illegal immigrants," called 911, asking for help after walking through the desert for 10 days.

Don't worry about a language barrier, the Sheriff's Office had a Spanish translator to help with the call.

Arpaio is quoted, showing his alleged compassion for the migrants he's called "dirty" in the past.

Deputies -- from the same agency that did sweeps for undocumented people, has raided dozens of businesses to nab undocumented workers, whose employees swapped bigoted e-mails bashing Latinos -- have suddenly taken a different direction, as in this case, they "drove all six to the nearest convenience store at their request."

Instead of arresting the men and bringing them to jail on state smuggling charges, or turning them over to Border Patrol, they instead "contacted Border Patrol to notify them of the situation."

"The Sheriff's call was cleared when Border Patrol officers met up with the group as they were being dropped off by deputies," the end of the press release says.

Of course, no one would blame you for saying it looks like an act of ass-kissing on Arpaio's part, who looks to be creating the appearance of complying with Snow's order.

If you check out Judge Snow's ruling, he constantly points to Arpaio damning himself in his own press releases on a variety of causes.

Check out the nearly impossible-to-believe press release from Arpaio below:

Dates and Time: June 3rd 7 a.m.
Location: Mile Post 89 on Interstate 8

(Gila Bend, AZ) Six men who say they have been walking through the Arizona desert for the past ten days and who were abandoned by their guide reached out to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office early this morning with a plea for help.

The men, who were out of water and relying on cactus water to survive, had become ill from a combination of the desert plant and the high temperatures before calling the sheriff for rescue.

Working in conjunction with a Spanish translator in the Sheriff's 911 call center, Sheriff's deputies were notified of the problem at 6:45 a.m. They responded to the area near the Gunnery range and within three hours, deputies had located all members of the group.

"If this was a case of human smuggling, as one of those rescued today indicated it was, then ultimately ours was a humanitarian effort," Arpaio says. "Sadly, human smuggling operations very often are conducted by people interested only in one thing - money and not the welfare of those they are smuggling."

According to Sheriff Arpaio who was briefed about the rescue, all six men were fortunate as they were in relatively good condition complaining only of extreme hunger and thirst. Deputies drove all six to the nearest convenience store at their request and then contacted Border Patrol to notify them of the situation. The Sheriff's call was cleared when Border Patrol officers met up with the group as they were being dropped off by deputies. END

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