"Sheriff Joe" Biden
"Sheriff Joe" Biden

Joe Arpaio's Hissy-Fit of the Day: Stop Calling Other People "Sheriff Joe"

It's just about every day that Sheriff Joe Arpaio says something that's guaranteed to make you shake your head.

Today's cry for attention actually took place on Friday night, as Arpaio complained that people were calling Vice President Joe Biden "Sheriff Joe."

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-Joe Arpaio: "I Don't Use Computers" -- as Posted on His Twitter Page

We'd like to think Arpaio was getting teary-eyed while "tweeting" on a Friday night with nothing but his laptop, his couch, and a whole lot of boxed wine, but we know that wasn't the case.

Arpaio doesn't use a computer, and he certainly doesn't know how the Internet works, so his "ghost tweeters" dropped this gem of wisdom on Arpaio's Twitter account Friday evening:

"President Obama keeps calling VP Biden Sheriff Joe and now Drudge is doing it to? There is only one Sheriff Joe and that's me."

Just for clarity's sake, an extra "o" at the end of "to" and a sad-face -- in the form of ":(" -- would have still been 10 characters under Twitter's 140-character limit.

Obama has called Biden "Sheriff Joe" for a few years now, but who really cares?

If you feel like you just got dumber by reading Arpaio's latest whine, take solace in the following funny photographs of Arpaio, also posted on his Twitter profile.

It's hard to look like the oldest person in a room full of old people.
It's hard to look like the oldest person in a room full of old people.

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